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I've been away from the game for a long time and am slowly beginning to get a handle on it again.  Combat was never my strong suit ever.  I have one kill on record heh.  I have mudlet and SVOF for curing but am looking for more combat oriented scripts.  I can do a bit a coding but am new to lua and will need some time to figure everything out, so my question I guess is are there any Apostate combat scripts out there for free that I could work off of?  Also any other modules or scripts people find useful with mudlet would be much appreciated.



  • Hmm well, I don't know about apostate but for priest (and thus I think apostate) you'll want to start with an affliction tracker of some sort.  
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  • Well, Serin asked for what sorts of scripts and packages.  That's a good place to start if that's what she wants to do  :p
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  • I understand that. Still a terrible idea if tou want to get into combat as a new fighter
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    Well, Serin asked for what sorts of scripts and packages.  That's a good place to start if that's what she wants to do  :p
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  • I agree that learning the basics of the new minerals curing system and refreshing what cures what on the herbs side is important.  I am looking for scripts but Aegoth makes a good point too, if I am new and don't know anything having an AI doesn't really help.  I'm assuming though curing scripts tend me to available most people custom create their own combat systems?
  • Austere said:
    Aegoth said:
    I understand that. Still a terrible idea if tou want to get into combat as a new fighter
    Using an affliction tracker for the singular purpose of tracking afflictions is actually a really good idea when you first start out.  Making highlights is essentially the same thing, an affliction tracker just breaks the info down a little more. The point it becomes a bad idea for beginners is when you start using an automated offense.  Just because one requires the other does not make them the same thing. 
    I think using an affliction tracker, even if you don't automate, is still a bad idea. An affliction tracking script can only ever be reactive, and the skill they should be learning is how to be predictive based on analysing curing priorities.
  • How do you keep track of being afflicted in the spam of combat without a tracker?  Last time I was involved in a multi-person fight I could not even keep track of what was happening.
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    In the short time (about 3 days) that I used an aff tracker, even though it was reactive, I was able to learn about curing mechanics more than in a year of people trying to explain it. It's hard to be predictive if you can't understand how the mechanics work.
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  • Serin said:
    How do you keep track of being afflicted in the spam of combat without a tracker?  Last time I was involved in a multi-person fight I could not even keep track of what was happening.
    I personally use highlights and am just used to the spam now (mostly). It isn't difficult to do if you know you have a partner doing curare and kalmia, you do gecko and alike, maybe you have another partner doing impatience etc. knowing what your group is doing is important.

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  • Lots of practice and a lot of big colorful warnings and highlights. Some classes can be played "manually" a lot easier than others.  
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  • So you highlight red for bloodroot eat. Green for kelp eat etc per your preference. Most ppl under normal circumstances cure paralysis first, so your first evileye will see 2 cure before your balance is back, then you should see only a red flash by and it's your balance again. Working from here you should develop a habit of knowing when things are going to be cured and act on it. You will develop a rhythm. 

    Next is learn charting. Chart helps me learn and understand combat when I got started. Chart is op .You are also going to spend a lot of time on charts. I still do that a lot. 

    AFF tracker is good if it is put to good use. Important thing about combat is not winning, but understanding each skill and classes and what you do in different situations. Log is your study material. Keep logs, study and improvise. 

    Avoid automated offense until you can fight relatively well or understand combat good enough otherwise you will find yourself limited or stuck. 

    Best way to learn combat is keep fighting, and keep asking. Seek to lose, cos that log is worth it. 
  • Thanks everyone you've helped me more in the last few hours than years of playing achaea! And I've started logging everything as of yesterday.

    What are charts?
  • Charts are when you chart out what will happen

    0s - stare sicken/impatience
    0s - they cure paralysis
    1s - they cure impatience (tree)
    2.2s - stare sicken/impatience
    2.2s - they cure paralysis
    3.8s - they cure impatience
    4.4s - stare sicken/impatience
    6s - they cure paralysis
    6.6s - stare sicken/asthma
    7.6s - they cure impatience or asthma or paralysis


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  • (Un)fortunately, theory, aff trackers, charts, and so on are nice told, but are no substitute for practice. To learn to pvp, there's nothing for it: you'll have to just start, lose a lot at first, and things will start to become more predictable, understandable, and enjoyable as your ceiling rises. 
  • You don't have to lose a lot at first...
  • If you've got defence vs all classes figured out without touching the game before, that'd beggar belief. 
  • I mean, you might not lose a lot at first if you only fight novices, but no one's gonna start with 0 pvp experience and start beating Farrah just cause they read a lot of theory.
  • I was joking, I forgot to edit in:

    (just run away a lot to force a draw)
  • Pff, arenas.
  • 1 month, 3:1
  • Alts don't count
  • So looks like first things first, re-learn what every skill does in my three main skills.  Branch out to my other transed abilities.  Study manual curing.  (Possibly use aff counter but know the background first).  Learn Lua, create my own set up with Colors and reminders during fighting.  Sounds like a good start.  Does anyone have a recommendation for an aff counter?
  • 1)The individual class section on forums is a great place for individual class stuff.  Depending on your class you may not use/need every skill you have. Best bet it to study you kill paths and work from there what you need to use. From there use the charting to get a feel of how your fights should turn out. Always account for randomness in fights because no one fights the same even if they are the same class.

    2)It's not necessarily manual curing that you need to focus on but more of what priorities for curing are and adjust those based off of what your class brings to the table. If you have a class that doesn't give impatience then you can skip that completely and focus on other afflictions. Again it's all dependant on what your class can afflict with

    3)Aff counters are great for figuring out others curing priorities on the fly. Some people cure differently based on the class they are fighting. A lot of the mid-high to high tier combatants change those priorities depending on who they are fighting and how they are getting attacked. They will change this mid fight if they have too. An aff tracker helps you see these changes and helps point you in the right direction. With enough practice you probably won't want to use the add tracker or even make your own to suit your own class. Scripts like those are made for all classes in mind and have problems like every big script has. It won't work 100% of the time but usefully for learning and help in you transition into something that's comfortable for you.

    4) Mudlet has a clan in game with a great community of coders for questions if you run into any problems. There are loads of wikis online for help too.

    5)practice practice practice. Get use to your class skills. The timing and how things flow together. The more you know how your skills work together the better off you will be mid fight.

    6)AK is a good start for an add tracker. I use a heavily modified version of it to suit my needs and don't even use the whole thing. It's in the Technical Support part of the forums under Scripts and Curing systems. It can be a lot to take in script wise if you don't know what your looking at though

    7)Ask around your city and house. There at plenty of people in each that would be willing to help you or even stand there and be a test dummy.
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    I'd suggest looking at @Austere's aff tracker if only to see how he put stuff together. It's got a bunch of good base stuff written out that combines keybinds, scripts, triggers, and aliases, so it's an awesome tool to learn how to write things in lua and related to what you're planning to do already. Even has an example for creating GUI displays!

    With that being said, don't worry too much about becoming a lua expert right away. Tackle small problems first, because you're mostly going to be using it in the scripting case - which means then it's just a matter of sticking small solutions together.

    One of the first tasks you could start with is gagging and highlighting. Gag a bunch of the crap that's just spam, and highlight things like when you get balance back, when people fly, etc. Once you're comfortable, why not try making a conditional highlight/gag? For example when I readaura, I gag the return, then extract and highlight just the number of kinds of affs someone has. It's very simple, but taking it just a teensy side step up will already help you figure out how to write stuff :)!
  • absolutely nothing wrong with going into the scripts section and taking a look at what others have done and incorporate their ideas into your own scripts. I highly suggest doing that instead of just building from scratch. Test them out, break them, take them apart. Talk to those who developed it and ask them questions if they're willing to share their thought process on how they built their solution. You'll learn and understand far more by being involved in the process of trial and error.

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  • Sounds good!  I did set up the AK aff counter but did not get a chance to test it out because of the Gods meeting at Delos last night!  Amazing to see that again after less than two weeks back into the game!
  • Use 'charts' and manualing or noob.
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