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Hi there.
Returning player, but a lot has changed, so I get to bother you kind folks.

Bashing ease is my main concern. I won't have access to additional credits/lessons, so I won't have access to berkana or Runic Blades/armour, or Soulcage. Also, whichever I go, which specialisation would be best for a person like myself (creditless)? I intend to be investing in a month or so, assuming I stick around (hope I do). For that reason, I'm a bit biased towards two-handed, as an artefact warhammer or bastard sword is cheaper than an SoA + arte sword or 2 arte scimitar/maces.

tl;dr Runie v. Infernal. Ease of bashing with no monetary investment? Specialisation bashing ease v. cost?

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  • Just an FYI, sword and shield doesn't need an SoA any more than 2h needs the absorption paragon (SoA effect put into armour for those who can't wield shield). SoA isn't better offensively than a buckler, and sword and shield isn't any worse defensively than the other specs without a shield/absorption paragon. So I wouldn't really think of it as an artie weapon, rather than as armour.

    That being said, sword and shield is awful at bashing, so 2h is probably your best bet.

    I have no idea how Infernal/Runie compare in bashing. I'd guess that they're fairly comparable.
  • For the record, if you can actually get runes, as Nazihk said, Infernal blows it out of the water, since you have the same strength, and putrefaction + algiz ends up making you way, way tanky. I'd actually say the spec doesn't really matter (unless for some reason you're considering sword-and-shield; don't do it, it'll make you miserable), since a critical hit pendant is the best artefact you can pick up for hunting, over a weapon. 
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