Born of Chaos

LiancaLianca Fire and Spice
edited August 2012 in The Scarlattan Theatre
The play, for those who missed it and wanted to see.

Thanks to Rakon for hosting and sharing the log. of Chaos - [INFO].html
The sweltering heat of the forge spills out across the land as the rumbling voice of Phaestus booms, "I want you to know, the Garden reaction to that one is: What?"
The voice of Melantha, Goddess of the Seasons, echoes amid the rustle of leaves, "That's the censored version."


  • AmunetAmunet Spokane, Washington, USA
    This really was very well done. You did an awesome job putting this on.
    My avatar is an image created by this very talented gentleman, of whose work I am extremely jealous. It was not originally a picture of Amunet, but it certainly looks a great deal like how I envision her!
  • Good work on the play!

  • Sooo mad I missed this, but it looks like it went very well. Kudos to Lianca for pouring so much into it, and to everyone else who contributed.
  • VayneVayne Rhode Island
    Well done Lia! A shame I could not be there! :(
  • impressive... sometimes playing a rogue occultist  has its drawbacks, wish i could have attended.
  • Upset that I missed this. I saw it in the news and was really excited until I converted the date and it was 'yesterday'. Thanks for posting the log. I'll take a break from reading Shakespeare and jump on this.
    "Trust in me, Universe, I will deliver / the promise that no-one shall ever / set their mind to games or play / for Serious Order is the way. I will not rest until it is done; / rules will be made for everyone. / They will know Order and its graces - and just like me, all shall be Greyfaces." - The Heroes of Sapience, Act 5, Greyface.
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