Freebie Portraits

So I mentioned maybe doing this previously, but I think I'm going to open this as a thread. More or less, I'd like to get in more practice with doing greyscale sketches and play around with styles and refining how I work with my tablet.

Disclaimer: My progress through any queue in here will probably be quite slow as I'm going to be doing it on the side. Please note these won't get the same treatment as my commissions i.e. I won't be checking with you throughout it and will just post the final products here when done. Please remember that at the moment I'm working around the clock on my paid commissions to feed myself as I'm currently out of a job, so these will always be lower priority, although I look forward to getting to do some!

 Very few if any will be in color as well unless something about them strikes me as particularly appealing to do in simple colors, and likely none will be below bust cut as I really want to work on my portraits at the moment. I may make other threads for different styles of requests at some point!

If you'd like one, please pop your description in here under a spoiler and I'll get to it when I can! I hope for each and every one I create something you like.
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  • It's really neat that you're doing this! Here's my desc, if you have a chance to do it:

    He is a human. Tall and slender, he stands at roughly six feet and two inches. He carries himself with an effortless assurance that belies his attenuated frame. Short, wavy hair the color of burnt umber is carefully slicked back on the left side of his face and falls forward on the right in insouciant curls. Clean-shaven except for the sideburns that extend just beneath his ears, he would look young if not for the sharp angle of his jaw and distinguished features. His light brown eyes cast a focused gaze about himself while maintaining an air of equanimity. The left sleeve of his shirt is rolled up to expose the raw flesh of his freshly-branded forearm, bearing a crude escarbuncle within a border.

  • Thanks for letting me draw ya, @Zackery!

    I, uh, kind of realized the second I finished that the hair is flipped. I guess I was so tired I slicked it on my left, and so on; if you'd like me to make another later feel free to ask, my bad!!
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  • That's awesome, thank you!! The hair side doesn't matter, maybe the picture was just on a windy day.
  • He is a horned satyr. His upper body is moderately tanned and is leanly muscled, strong without
    being overly bulky. His arms are likewise girded and end in expressive, dexterous fingers which are
    heavily calloused from use of the blade - though his palms are heavily bandaged with cloth of the
    same pristine colour as his horns. This Satyr sports an odd straw hat, into which slots have been
    cut for his massive, pristine, back-swept horns and his long, pointed Tsol-like ears to hide beneath.
    Though his wild, blue-black hair is mostly obscured by the wide brim of the hat he wears, the tail
    of it hangs out of the back and speaks of the mess that is obscured from view. The strands of its
    tail are captured in a watered-steel hairclip, the only sign of class upon his otherwise bestial
    visage. While Bann's face is handsome, it is often at least partly hidden beneath the brim of the
    same hat that obscures his hair and his sapphire blue eyes. An Aegean scabbard is always upon his
    left side, held snug by the blackened chain links that form its belt, and often-times when he's at
    rest his left hand will rest upon the pommel of the blade sheathed within. From the hips down, this
    Satyr is covered in thick curls of the same blue-black as his hair, and wide, strong hooves support
    his weight with ease. Swirled sable and purple warpaint is artfully brushed over his cheek to form
    the image of a pair of crossed spears.

    He usually wears a kilt as well as some kind of sleeveless shirt, in case you want to know that.

  • Moi, please

    He is a mhun and is decently shorter than the average human. He is light of frame--slender and agile in build--though he
    shows some signs of muscle cultivated through regular exertion.  His skin is a healthy dark olive tone, the kind that
    one acquires from spending very little time inside. His face is surprisingly androgynous in structure. Depending on how
    he styled himself could easily be taken for either male or female lacking context. Light signs of age and a crescent-
    shaped scar on his upper right cheek harden his appearance slightly. His raven hair is about shoulder-height, though
    it's kept up in a simple bun at the upper back of his head. His eyes are similarly dark with long eyelashes that draw
    attention to them and his lips are a rich color that highlights their thickness.

  • If Kiet were paler, he'd totally look like David Bowie with dark hair :O 
  • Insert ?!?!! Picture.

    Other than the reference to androgyny this desc reads nothing like the Thin White Duke. So I'll say this...

    if Kiet was darker skinned he'd look like a feminine Will Smith!
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  • I think this is very nice of you to offer, even if just for practice. I'd love one.

    She is a lizard-like xoran and can easily mistaken for a male by size alone, but her gender is given 
    away by the lack of true markings, spines, or horns. Albino white scales cover her face and abdomen, 
    contrasting greatly with the dusky grey scales that cover the rest of her back and tail. Her facial 
    features are rounded and soft, almost serpentine like, than those of her male counterparts; however, 
    dark-red reptilian eyes show hints of hatred that betray her soft features. Upon closer examination, 
    her eyes appear to be covered by a nictitating membrane that seemingly dulls out the deep crimson 
    colour. A fresh, blistering wound can be seen on her left forearm, an escarbuncle within a border, 
    seared deep into her reptilian armour. Wickedly sharp ebony claws adorn her hands and feet, each 
    bending slightly at the second knuckle and ending in hooked talons. The faint scent of putrefaction 
    can be detected if one stands in close proximity.

  • Leliel said:
    Let's see, here we go! 
    @Bann He is a cheerful boy in the sun~
    @Kiet Honestly I struggled a bit with this, mostly because the specifically thick lips and lashes tended to tip it a bit more towards feminine over androgynous. That said, hope you like it, tried to stick with it!
    When in doubt with Kiet go feminine! Generally feminine is seen as more androgynous anyway. Also apparently Mhun have epicanthal folds but I haven't bothered adding that in.
  • Looks pretty damn good, @Leliel. +1 :)

  • @Draedetha Sorry if I ruined your mental image of her! I've actually never tried to draw a Xoran before, dragons are the extent of my reptilian experience I'm afraid. 
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  • Glad that I could push you out of your comfort zone for this one!
    That's usually where some of the best improvements as an artist can be made.

    Having said that, I love her! Pretty damn close, actually. Thank you so much! 

    Here's the two pictures I found online that I thought were beautiful and kind of merged them together in my mind:

    This one I thought looked kind of...serpentine! That's where I chose the eye color and head shape. (kind of)

    Image result for desert iguana

    This little guy just stole my heart :D so I decided to do a white face and tummy, and smoky grey for the back and tail. 
    I found out later that albinism can be extremely rare for Xorans. Oops! Fun mistake. :)

  • I was happy to do it, thanks for the opportunity! Also, those are the cutest little references I've ever seen. I wanna kidnap them both :<
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  • I've always pictured Xoran as basically just being Krogan out of Mass Effect.
  • gah seeing Toothless makes me want to go xoran.. how fun would it be to be an adorable xoran!
     Toothless for life <3
  • I figured I'd add Zenii to the list, thank you, if you ever get around to it! :)

    [spoiler]  She is a graceful tsol'aa. Standing with her shoulders back, she reaches approximately 5'6 in 
    height. She is a natural beauty. Choppy shoulder length blonde hair with rainbow coloured 
    undertones that shimmer with diamond dust when she moves her head, creates a frame about her 
    innocent, friendly face. Her hair is pulled back, tucked lightly behind her ears, a few shorter 
    stray strands falling gracefully across her eyes. High cheekbones are accentuated by a genuine 
    smile that dances along her rose coloured lips and reveals pearly-white teeth. Bright crystalline 
    blue eyes with a small starburst of amethyst surrounding the pupil sparkle and light up her face. 
    Her eyes are accented with a thin line of blue-tinted kohl, drawing attention to them. She is 
    tanned and toned indicative of an active life outdoors. Along the inside of her left wrist an 
    elegant magnolia flower blooms, the light pastel colours of the tattoo vibrant against her tanned 
    skin. Her body is obviously feminine in nature but lithe and fragile to the touch as she moves 
    with the graceful fluidity of the Tsol'aa race. [/spoiler]
  • JaydenJayden WA, USA
    Gods, @Rafiel and @Zenii are gorgeous.
  • Squeeee!!! This is amazing!! Thank you so much @Leliel
  • He is a horned satyr. Long, dirty blond hair adorns the head of this specimen. 
    Though mostly uniform in color bright white patches can be seen towards the 
    front, highlighting the area around his bearded face. Confident hazel eyes 
    twinkle softly from their resting points. While broad shoulders and a slim 
    humanoid torso grace the upper-half of his body, pitch black fur covers bestial 
    lower limbs ending in colven hooves.


    Thank you in advance. 

  • Ooh, fun!

    I don't know how to spoiler tag...

    He is a human. He stands tall at 6 feet, 4 inches. He has a broad-shouldered, muscular frame and carries himself with humble confidence. His brown hair is shaven short, and he has a matching beard covering his strong jawline. He has soulful, expressive brown eyes which convey a sense of friendliness and compassion.


  • KyrraKyrra Australia
    @Gavriil, think that ought to be 'cloven' ;)
    (D.M.A.): Cooper says, "Kyrra is either the most innocent person in the world, or the girl who uses the most innuendo seemingly unintentionally but really on purpose."

  • Goodness sorry guys I've been pretty busy, I actually got swamped with a few requests on one of my art blogs as well so I'm just struggling to catch up in between prepping for my summer semester start. Sorry, I promise these are coming!!
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  • JinsunJinsun TN, USA
    Hey buddy, if you ever get far down the list, one of Jin and Lel just hanging out would be fun.

    He is a graceful tsol'aa. Standing tall, this creature is pale, his skin almost 
    paper-thin beneath the light. Shoulder-length, shining black hair is pulled 
    cleanly behind his pointed ears. Long and gaunt, his face shows signs of strain 
    from extended study. Gracing his forehead is the Mark of the Twin II. Set 
    squarely between his eyes, the mark has scarred over. It is permanently sealed 
    into his skin. The scar itself is raised somewhat as if it took too long to heal.
     A long, pointed nose gives way to pursed, thin lips and deep dimples. The area 
    between his nose and forehead are horribly burned. The edge of what appears to 
    be the remnants of eye sockets have been horribly singed. The inside of the 
    sockets are black, the singe and char accentuating the twin voids. Set roughtly 
    within each wound is a small shard of black hematite. The rough metal seems to 
    glow with a shifting, unexplicably multi-faceted light. Thin, toned arms hang at 
    his sides, his long, boney fingers extending almost 7 inches. The edges of his 
    left sleeve are rolled up to the elbow, exposing a long, jagged scar in the soft 
    underside of his forearm. In four lines, forming the distinctive Mark of the 
    Twin, 'II.' Just below where the cuff of each sleeve would fall, a bright red 
    chain has been burned into the skin of his wrist. The mark glows with a stark, 
    eldritch light, belying the true power of the marking. A firm, resolute posture 
    befits this quiet being, his back straight at most times.

  • ok so i am going to jump the band wagon. I have never had character art done before, and I would love to see Naoma come to life
    [spoiler]She is a beautiful siren. Neither tall nor short, she stands at average height for her race, yet 
    moves with an inhuman grace. Her slight hourglass figure sits well on her wafer-thin body. The faint 
    line of her breast and hips show the delicate shape of a woman coming in to her prime. She has a 
    decanter shaped waist and her complexion kissed by the sun with an olive hue. Often times she wears 
    a mask, concealing most of her features, but when not wearing it, her pencil-thin eyebrows ease down 
    gently to her long eyelashes. When she smiles, her beguiling, white teeth light up any room. Long 
    nougat-brown hair plunges around her face and eagerly tickles at her mid-back. Nebulous, emerald 
    eyes flit to and fro with endless curiosity. Her carmine lips like cupid bows often tug upward to 
    form in to a faint smile. [/spoiler]
  • @Gavriil

    @Zakkariah Sorry if the hair was supposed to be shorter! I'm a little fuzzy on the meaning of short when it comes to guys' hair haha! 

    These were kind of simple I know, I'm sorry if they didn't live up to expectations feel free to let me know. I got pretty worn out trying to burn through all of my request queues today :X

    I've noticed the other posts and I'll do them in another batch, thanks for all the interest guys. @Jinsun I normally would say no to anything more than a portrait in this thread, but I can't turn down an opportunity to publicly illustrate my mocking of all greyfaces, so alright, it's in the queue >:D
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  • @Leliel that's awesome, I love it! In my head his hair is literally buzz-cut short, but that works as a "hasn't trimmed in a while" look! Thank you so much :)
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