Achaean Diary Writing

BTW This was not me, I was just inspired to do this by my friend

Achaean diary 
No Eleusians were harmed in the making of this diary


Serpent of Hashan #23

On my travels to the city of mhaldor I noticed a young female human druid wearing only some rags and wielding a dagger in hand, she looked like the perfect target for a robbery. Springing from tree to tree I followed the druid until I accidently snapped a flimsy branch while shadowing the druid which alarmed her that she was being followed. The druid looked around herself. I was terrified of what she would do to me if she caught me, finally the druid let go the thought of being followed. She kept on walking in the path that she was previously tramping on until finally she came to a halt. We were at the village gates of eleusis, Elias the gatekeeper accompanied by two Eleusian guards walked up to the druid, the eleusian guards both wore chainmail armor and wielded swords. I grabbed two iron tipped arrows from my leather quiver and quickly attached them to my wooden longbow then aimed my bow at the two guards necks pulled back the string and fired. The iron tipped arrows punctured through the guard’s skin leaving them with large open wounds dripping blood down their necks. I hopped down out of the treetops and said “Hello there young fellows, would you please drop all of your gold sovereigns and rare materials.” The Gatemaster with horror in her eyes immediately called out for more guards and grabbed his dagger. ”You won’t be needing that today.” I told the GateMaster. I held onto my whip with a tight grip, curled it around the gatemasters dagger and swung it to my hand, I grabbed the druid and put the dagger to her neck and exclaimed “If you don’t drop the money the girl dies!” Suddenly 5 eleusian guards with gold bows and diamond tip arrows began firing at us. I shouted “God Dammit, I thought this would be easy.” I rubbed my hands together, placed them into the air in front of me and ripped open a wormhole then grabbed both the druid and GateMaster and jumped through.

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