Bushido - A Nexus Combat/Utility System

I'm starting work on a new combat system based around the Nexus HTML5 client, mostly for the entertainment of it. Today I'm releasing the first iteration of it to the public, which is nothing more than a simple auto-learn script. 

I'm pretty excited about the tech here and plan to release new functionality on a semi-regular basis. Some key points:
  • This is written in ES2017, which supports all of the new JavaScript goodies I love in my day job.
  • The features are converted to standard ES5 JavaScript via Babel, so it should work in any browser without a problem.
  • The build process allows access to any NPM package I might find useful in the future.
Bug reports and feature suggestions should be made via issues on the project's GitHub page. Package files are also hosted via GitHub in the dist directory.
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