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Hello all,

I've been using a wormhole tracking script that Wyd posted on the Mudlet forums for about a year now (   I recently downloaded the Omnipave 3.0 beta which requires GMCP to be enabled. Wyd mentioned that the wormhole tracker is built for ATCP and to get it to work with GMCP it would require changing every reference to ATCP to GMCP.

I found 6 references to ATCP ( 2 each in RoomNum, RoomBrief, and RoomArea) but changing atcp to gmcp doesn't seem to work.  Does anyone have any idea how to get this to work with gmcp?  Am I just missing something, or is it not really possible? 

I was going to msg Wyd in game and ask, since it is his script, but it seems he is inactive.

If it can't be done it's no big deal, I can give up omnipave to keep the wormtracker.


  • atcp.RoomNum -> gmcp.Room.Info.num
    atcp.RoomBrief ->
    atcp.RoomArea -> gmcp.Room.Info.area
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    Ahhh! Thank you!

    Edit: Hmmm,  still doesn't work for me.  Thanks anyway Lyr :)
  • I uploaded a version with the appropriate changes to that same thread on the mudlet forums. I don't have a vibrating stick to test it with, but it at least captures the room info correctly, so should work.
  • Hmm, weird! I don't have a vibrating stick either, so I can't test it. :(
  • Eld's script isn't working either.  Maybe it's me, I might have a too old version of mudlet?  I'm using 2.0 test 4,  the ubuntu software center shows that rc13 is current, but no matter how many times I uninstall and reinstall I end p with test 4 :(

    Thanks anyways guys, I'll just stick with with the atcp version :)
  • Ok, figured it out.  Need to delete the original wormlist.lua in mudeltdata>profiles.  Now Eld's modifications are working perfectly.  Thanks again :)
  • NizarisNizaris The Holy City of Mhaldor
    Hmm. I'm no longer a Serpent, but I thought that the crowdmap took care of all of these?
  • JonathinJonathin Retired in a hole.
    all you need to do is throw mmp.locateAndEcho(matches[#]) (where # is the room name as a wildcard) into a trigger for worm seek and worm sources.
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  • Feel free to build it into the script.
  • EldEld
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    Daeir said:
    Well yeah, but that doesn't map the wormhole exits into autowalking. You can do that with a bit of effort. Just gate the worm sources output and exit special link room 1 to room 2 with worm warp, and you're set. Probably 3-4 four lines max.
    Pretty sure that approach won't work for areas with multiple wormholes in identically named rooms, though.
  • Nope. Also doesn't account for the fact that wormholes can go away, so this easily grows from 3-4 lines max if you want a quality job.
  • EldEld
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    Daeir said:
    Compare special exits mapped with "worm warp" in current area to a table compiled from the worm sources list, if current mapped special exits table has result which isn't present in worm sources list, clear it. If worm sources list has warp not already mapped, map it. I can see how to do this quite readily in my head assuming the special exits lookup isn't too complex to do.
    And if there are two currently unmapped warps in rooms with the same name, you're still hosed. In any case these are just the most obvious things that you'll have to think about that will make it more than "3-4 lines tops". We're not saying it can't be done, just that doing it well isn't quite as trivial as you make it out to be.
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