A NDB for non SVO users.

Since a number of people asked me for it when I last played, here it is. It's probably familiar to some people if you've played Imperian, because it's the same one I made for there, just modified a bit to work functionally with Achaea.
Here is, essentially, the things it does/can do. It's fairly simple to add other things if you want, as well.
  1. Make sure GMCP is enabled,
  2. Install the script via the package manager (untested on 3.0 delta, use at your own peril)
  3. Use 'pinstall' to get everything up and running. Voilà! You're done. Might wanna check the aliases below, though.

Following is a list of all the aliases featured in the log above.
  1. qwp will display who's online, as well as the cities they're a part of.
  2. qwup will update everyone who shows up under the 'untracked' column. Please give this some time, if there's a lot of people it can take a while. (there's a pause feature as well that's shown in the log)
  3. pt stats will display the total players tracked, as well as the cities that have each number!
  4. ptc (city) will display the members of the defined city. 'ptc celidon' for instance!
  5. ptp (prof) similar to the above, will display members of the defined profession! 'ptc hunter' for example!
  6. pt rem will clear out the database, especially helpful as it can get quite large - This will only removed dormant/inactive/retired people.
  7. ptres (and ptres confirm) will re-honours everyone that's currently in the database. You will need to do ptres first, followed by the confirm to begin the process.
  8. ptres stop will halt the re-honours process (as well as the updating of online people if it was doing such)
  9. whois (person) will show tracked information on any individual.

That's about all there is to it. The database will save/load on logout/mudlet start automatically. Though there is a manual save alias as well with 'ptsave' - not one to manually load though, sorry. Easy to make it yourself if you want it. The save one was just in case of disconnects, which you can still type in even when not connected to the game.

PS: For those of you that use affliction trackers, you can also use this to get around people who like illusioning separate class cures. Simply by capturing the line, and doing something like
if player_tracking.names[matches[2]].Class ~= "Serpent" then
PPS: I will not be held accountable for any variables/function names that might conflict with existing ones, and break any scripts. I made them as 'obscure' as possible, to prevent this, but you never know with some people.

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