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I've been playing a fair bit now, my Paladin is up to level 67 now, but I'm beginning to feel that my choice for city and house might not have been the best choice for me given my play style and personal interests.

I joined Targossas and the Harbingers of Redemption.  I love the city and the people, but the requirements to rise in my house require a lot of research and reading in the city library, even just to the 2nd house rank.  I think it makes sense given the mission of the Harbingers as teachers and preachers of the light... I just don't have the interest to do that much reading and studying.

I also don't want to get heavy into PvP either, at least not at this stage, so not sure if the Dawnblade is a good choice either.  Truthfully, I don't know a whole lot about the different cities and houses at all at this stage. 

I enjoy the PvE aspect of things, and light role play.  I am not interested in evil alignment based houses.  Based on that, what might be better choices in terms of cities and houses?  If I leave the Harbingers and Targossas, what kind of repercussions am I going to face both IC and OOC?  What is the process to do so, if that is the route I go down?  Am I better off just rolling a new character?

Cheers all and all the best,

Caide Delancis

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  • Couple things about Targossas:

    (1) you don't need to join a House, so if you'd rather not work on any requirements for now, you could go that route

    (2) you don't need to advance at any particular rate, especially in, say, the Dawnblade. Hunting is part of becoming a pvper because you really should be a Dragon eventually if serious about PvP. So if you want to eventually PvP but just hunt for now, you'd be fine in the Dawnblade (though you won't get higher than HR2 until you start pvping, if that matters to you).

    You can leave without repercussions as long as your character is below a certain age or hasn't sworn oaths (you probably haven't). You should talk to someone IG before leaving to be sure you don't get bothered.

    You might like the Shield in Cyrene. I've no idea what their requirements are like though. I don't think there are really any bashing-centered houses.
  • Thanks Aralaya.  I do like the city itself both for its concept and the people there.  Just having a very hard time motivating myself to do all that reading.

  • @Caide talk to me or Talamond ig, we can probably help speed up the process. Otherwise you could leave the Harbingers and stay in the city with no repercussions

    Tecton-Today at 6:17 PM

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  • Targossas has a third house called the Luminai which I don't think you mentioned. I am uncertain if it is still very active, but you could definitely look into it. From what I understand it isn't too heavy on pk or theology aspects... More of a dissemination house.

  • Thanks all.  Going to take Aralaya's advice, but I appreciate the info from everyone.

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