Sylvan Weatherweaving combat?

Hello, all!

So, I just came back to Achaea, with a new character. I've had a bit of combat experience in the past, and played on other IRE mud's! Anywho, I picked up Sylvan and I've really been wanting to get into player combat. I had a bit of a test session with @miriew and I suppose I figured a little bit of stuff out, but I'm still pretty new and not really knowledgeable on what exactly Sylvan kill paths are..

I know a bit about heartseed, and how to kill with that but from what I've read that isn't a super reliable way to kill and without the eq reducing artefact I can't pull it off from two leg breaks?

I was also able to build up maximum Arcane Power and then with the target afflicted with sensitivity and healthleech use shockwave.. But it didn't do enough damage to kill.

And in weatherweaving I couldn't find a way to actually get impatience on someone without them curing it right after so I couldn't figure out how to lock...

Any advice, tips, etc? How exactly would I go about locking? Is there a better setup to do damage with shockwave? Any help would be lovely!!


  • Prep a leg, get 45 AP, set fulmination on 10s, break leg, electrify, stormhammer.
  • Locking is build 90 ap, overcharge static+cyclone, overcharge hailstones+cyclone twice, thornrend gecko/slike (venom and propagation to arms aff), thornrend curare/verbalize, thornrend voyria until dead.
  • Rng gods will decide if you lock or not, passive curing, tree tattoo and curing prios.
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