Ship Movement - Vision Impaired Accessibility request

This idea is for Vision Impaired accessibility.

Currently, when a ship is at sea and moving, it says which way it has moved with each new movement. For the 8 normal directions, this is fine. However, for the 8 added directions (north-northwest, north-northeast, etc), this causes issues with tracking a ships location. Since a ship can only actually move in the 8 normal directions, the best a scripter can do for that is to use .5 movement in the secondary movement direction. However, sometimes the ship will start off in the main direction, and sometimes in the off direction. This especially becomes a problem if sailing while turning, and just passing a non-normal direction.

What I would like to see is for the ship movement message ("The ship moves to the <DIR>.") to use the direction actually moved, not the ship's heading. This way when facing south-southwest, if it moves south, I'll know it moved south. If it moved southwest, I'll know it moved southwest. This will allow vision-impaired users to sail much more easily if they choose (I know a couple that have!) by tracking number of rooms moved in each direction. Until now, those that have tried have had to deal with either getting a friend to help them navigate when they're off track by a little, or listening to each line carefully to determine how far off the harbour they are. 

(The Midnight Crew): Cain says, "You on your period lynara?"

(The Midnight Crew): Micaelis says, "Lynara coded periods out of his DNA."


  • KresslackKresslack Florida, United States
    I'm fine with it still giving the non-cardinal directions such as NNE, but have requested in the past that it at the very least it move -first- in the first direction listed. This would also open the potential to use more of the 32 compass points by allowing the use of things like NE by N, NE by E, and so on in addition to the standard directions.

    Would that work in a similar way, if it's the first direction listed that is moved?

  • Yes, @Kresslack, but I think the code for my OP would be significantly easier - a matter of changing which variable is displayed, I'm thinking. I'd love to use more of the compass though.
    (The Midnight Crew): Cain says, "You on your period lynara?"

    (The Midnight Crew): Micaelis says, "Lynara coded periods out of his DNA."
  • AhmetAhmet Wherever I wanna be
    Things like wnw or ene should only get you off by a few rooms at most. Why not just report the path to the nearest visible harbour?
    Huh. Neat.
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