Returning to Achaea

I used to play a lot between 2007-2010 or so (hung around Shallam mostly, not on this character)... came back a couple times out of boredom but never stuck around for long after that.

I'm thinking about picking the game back up and have been doing a bit of reading. Looks like things have changed a lot. I saw somewhere that the Sylvan class was reworked - I think I remember being really interested in the class but never getting around to playing it since I wanted to get into combat and it wasn't an ideal class for it. How does it stack up lately? Also, thoughts on the new depthswalker class? That one is looking appealing as well.

Curing - Most people code their own, I'm guessing? I remember a system that used to be pretty popular, but I imagine it's way out of date by now. Also, how is the browser-based client these days?

Regarding cities, I'm honestly not dead set on any single city at the moment but I'd love one with engaging RP and opportunities for combat. (Is Mhaldor still the default answer?)

Sorry about all the questions! I guess I'm feeling quite lost and not sure where to get started. Thanks in advance.


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    RE: Curing - Svof is a pretty popular system available for mudlet. There's also a serverside CURING system that handles the basic funcitonality, which isn't too shabby.

    RE: Nexus - Pretty great client, honestly. Very few complaints about it.

    RE: Cities - Hashan has majorly blossomed. Eleusis/Targ/Mhaldor all still viable options. Ashtan and Cyrene too, I guess. It's really just  up to your personal preferences, and what you're looking for.
    Huh. Neat.
  • Welcome back :D

    If you're not knowing what to do and feeling most, you should have an RNG thing decide a few things for you and stick with them as far as possible. That's always a fun exercise for me.

    For example, Virgo was crated that way - never knew what city nor class, so I put them all into a hat and picked them out. Been Myself since day 1 (no ragrets) but the class has changed a few times based on what I learn about them through roleplay and what fits, personality wise. 

    Mhaldor does a ton of RP, yes. With the sermons and strong mentoring and all of the purely RP tasks in both Houses, it's strong there. Combat wise, there are a bunch of people that can help, but they'd rather have you figure stuff out before helping - makes you better both IC and OOC. I also know Targossas is pretty strong with the RPz, I've had some good ones with the heathens. They've also got a strong military force.

    Past that, I don't know much about the other cities. 

    And of course, Nexus is an awesome thing to use. Very pretty and useful.

    Svof + Serverside is a strong combo. It'll give you enough time to learn how to do things. Svof can get pretty confusing, because you can't see the guts of everything, though.
  • Thanks guys, this definitely helps.
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