Better Dummies

Dummies tend to get underused in my experience. The only things you can really do are generic bashing attacks. What if you could actually train with them to practice or work out your particular style or strategy? You wouldn't have to ask your poor friends and family members to stand there while you flail at them.

This would give practice dummies more purpose, especially considering there's a talisman set for one (which seems to be in abundance).


  • When the curing system was first implemented I asked if they could stick it on special denizens or something. Said it wasn't something that was possible which was a shame but if it was could be sweet
  • KresslackKresslack Florida, United States
    I can understand the complication with that, especially the question of what do you do when you lock a dummy? At the very least though, all attacks should be feasible to perform on dummies, whether or not they're designated for adventurers only.

  • I wouldnt mind if the capability to test skills on a dummy was introduced. It doesnt even need to cure, but could probably just report damage done or if a limb broke or what affs it has. If we are allowed to set its "health" for test purposes, then it would become pretty awesome for prep and damage tests. For the purposes of locks, You could personally time the length between your opponent eating and you afflicting, so you dont really need it to cure.
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