Babel - The God, the Myth, the Mystery.

I was not fortunate enough to be playing Achaea when Babel was around. From what I understand, he's been dormant for some time but still manages to maintain a lot of support. At least in terms of people who were around when he was to constantly mention on the forums how great he was and such.

I'd love to see some logs of Babel, or hear about some stories from the people who got to enjoy his activity. I'd love to hear why you liked him so much and what your favorite things were.


  • KryptonKrypton shi-Khurena
    I think it's mostly the beard:

  • Hey it doesn't have to be a roleplay log of him commanding armies of Chaos denizens. Even if it's just someone reminiscing about how great his beard was and this one time he strangled Jhui with it or whatever.

    Tell me about an awesome event you were part of that he played a role in. 

    Explain how his influence helped form and grow your characters development.
  • Babel is a pretty cool guy. Eh pits dala'myrr and doesn't afraid of anything.
  • Ryzeth said:
    Babel is a pretty cool guy. Eh pits dala'myrr and doesn't afraid of anything.
    Still waiting for the other shoe to drop on that one and whether the dala'myrr died or there's one just lurking somewhere in the Pit. Somewhere. Ditto for that one Twilight threw through a darkness door. Although granted, there's that giant nine-headed version down in the Underrealm, so they're still around anyway.
    - (Eleusis): Ellodin says, "The Fissure of Echoes is Sarathai's happy place."
    - With sharp, crackling tones, Kyrra tells you, "The ladies must love you immensely."
    - (Eleusian Ranger Techs): Savira says, "Most of the hard stuff seem to have this built in code like: If adventurer_hitting_me = "Sarathai" then send("terminate and selfdestruct")."
    - Makarios says, "Serve well and perish."
    - Xaden says, "Xaden confirmed scrub 2017."

  • Knowing twilight. He did 1 of 2 things.

    Threw the dala'myrr into the darkest area of the universe. Devoid of life, light and heat.

    Or transported to the shadow realms where he began experimenting on it, to see how it can be of use to him.
  • As for babel memories. He enjoyed toying with me. Throwing random (and many) afflictions. Causing scary room messages. And once upon a time dragged me around with a mysterious voice, with the belief he was some other mysterious diety.

    It was all based on me not showing him respect, which he actually did to a lot of folk that didnt when he first emerged. He really did know how to teach a lesson (poor Katia)
  • KyrraKyrra Australia
    That one time Dunn sketched thurisaz on a baby.
    (D.M.A.): Cooper says, "Kyrra is either the most innocent person in the world, or the girl who uses the most innuendo seemingly unintentionally but really on purpose."

  • Kyrra said:
    That one time Dunn sketched thurisaz on a baby.
    Details plz!
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