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While setting up Greys with weapons as a depthswalker, I noticed I selected Greys to be right handed by myself. Was curious how handedness is distributed across the game.


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    I never really get that in-depth when I play Mosr. It's such a small detail and I do not have an eye for detail.
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  • Mostly right-handed, but uses her left hand for some things that people would typically use their dominant hand for, or vice versa. Although really, most of the time I'm not actually thinking about it, so it applies more to emoting than wielding (I do have some scripts to automatically draw/wield things into the correct hand, if I don't specify a hand).
  • I know it makes no difference whatsoever, but I can't help but "swap hands" when I find my elemental staff in my left.

  • I don't really care, but most of my aliases/etc do wield shield/weapon.

  • All one-handed weapons are wielded in my left hand, with shield or second weapon (depending on class/spec) in the right hand, so I guess that means I'm left-handed. That's really just a carryover from starting out as a Knight and doubleslash using the left hand weapon as the first one to attack with, though.
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    All my aliases are to wield to the left. Cleaver and kris to the left hand, shield in the right always. So I guess that makes Kyrra left-handed. I don't really have reasons for doing it other than something I started doing randomly one day when having to redo all my stuff.
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  • I tend to just wield.  But if I do notice it, I tend to put my handaxe in my right because I'm righty IRL so it makes sense IG I would be more coordinated and faster with it.  And the spear is light enough and used rarely enough that it can be in the left and easily manipulated.   Makes no sense... but it does to me damnit.

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    2h and BM, whut is this handedness of which you speak?

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  • For some reason I always typed WIELD SWORD LEFT and WIELD SHIELD RIGHT.

    Subconsciously, I think this probably stems from the common notion of "Left to right" and "Sword and shield". If you pair them up according to those "orders", you get LEFT SWORD/RIGHT SHIELD.

    I'm right-handed, and if I was going to be swinging a longsword I'd want it in my right. Thus, Aesgar must be left-handed! That's just my interpretation, anyway.
  • Very surprised by the results. I was expecting ambidextrous to be way more represented. Neat how you think.  
  • I went with ambidextrous because I'm DWB and using dual flails seems like it would requite ambidexterity.
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    Greys said:
    Very surprised by the results. I was expecting ambidextrous to be way more represented. Neat how you think.  
    By definition, 100% of Achaeans are ambidextrous, since "ambidextrous" means equal performance, not equal preference.
  • Mine is so big I have to use both hands. 

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