Discussion of the different Knight classes

While my personal interest lies in Runewarden vs. Paladin, I figured we could have a slightly more open discussion and include Infernals.

I've seen over and over that Runewarden is the king of hunting. I'm interested in talking about what advantages it has over Paladins (or Infernals, in case anybody wants to talk about those), and what the latter bring to the table that RW lacks. It seems Paladin could be more useful in a more supportive hunting role (with their heals). Also wondering about the same question, but for 1v1 and group combat instead. 

I ask because I want to build a character with more of a "fire" theme as a Knight. I might be wrong, but runes and runeblades seem more lightning/raw magic oriented. 

Finally, what's the appeal of sword and shield spec? I like that theme best, and I'm wondering what it brings to combat that isn't done better by the other specs (damage from 2h or DWB, or afflictions from DWC) from what limited knowledge I've gathered from old forum posts. 

I'm planning on joining Targ so the alignment requirement of Paladin isn't a problem.  


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    Main difference is that runewarden has more utility options than Paladin, but that doesn't make it necessarily better. For hunting, sure I'd rate it above. For combat though, Paladin has more options than Runewarden, since they have an alternative kill path to dsb.

    Expand that to sword and shield, and you also open up the ability to lock. The main thing that rates it above the other specs in my opinion, is the ability to extend focus balance to ensure a chance to lock, whereas 2h/dwb don't even have the option, and dwc has 2 points of rng to the lock vs SnB's one. Add dedication to it, and it's the best spec imo. You also have access to affs the others won't through Hellsight, which works great with SnB affliction options.

    Source: ~500 kills as runewarden (old), ~1000 kills as SnB Paladin

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  • I'd actually put Paladin over Runewarden for hunting, if you have regular access to runes. All runes work versus denizens, and Paladin's battlerage is better, particularly if you hunt with another person often. The +2 str doesn't hurt, either.
  • One big thing to consider about sword and shield is that is it absolute dogshit at bashing. People who have used the spec are literally reporting better DPS with their shortsword than they are with their SnB combos. The extra shield tankiness is very very marginal, and it does not help you bash because the slower kill speed still means you end up taking more damage than a faster spec. You end up tanking better as a faster spec because you won't have to tank as long as SnB does.

    SnB is also a sloooow spec. Realistically speaking, you are going to have to survive at least one kill setup by your opponent, and maybe as many as two or three, before you can attempt your first kill setup. It also has basically zero damage pressure. Because of this, it is, generally speaking, the least effective spec in a group fight.

    Specwise, I say that you should start out as DWC or 2h until you hunt your way up to L80+. At that point, if you're still interested in SnB you can drop the 100 lessons on a spec change.
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