Envenoming/Juggling/Throwing Alias

Okay, so I have this alias I need help on - https://hastebin.com/welucafehu.lua

1) 1DaggerNumbersGoHere, 2DaggerNumbersGoHere, 3DaggerNumbersGoHere are obviously supposed to specific daggers based on the venom that had been applied. I don't know how to make a script/alias/trigger that would set it. 

2) I'm not fully sure how the queueing works, so, I need help there, too.

Just a BTW - 
^tj (g|c|k|v|s)(g|c|k|v|s)(g|c|k|v|s) (\w+)$
- is my pattern.

Please and thanks? :D


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    Wait, I figured out what I could do  :D I could make a trigger that sets each dagger a variable (or something), and then use that. Nevermind, there are three daggers.

    I'd still like help, if there's a more sophisticated way, though.
  • First off I would using throwing axes instead of daggers, they are a tiny bit faster.

    Second, I can't comment on the actual code of alias and whether it's correct or not.

    Third, you're over complicating it a little bit. You don't need to use specific weapon numbers, and you don't need to do envenom dagger;throw dagger. You can do throw dagger at cooper curare and it will automatically throw a dagger with curare on it.

    Since you're just starting out, pre-deciding what venoms to use in one alias is okay, but down the road you'll want to pick the venoms based on what your opponent is curing.

    When I was jester (RIP lucrescent nuts) I did all my throwing on the keypad of my keyboard.

    0 = stand/unwield blackjack/juggle stop/get axe/get axe/get axe/juggle axe axe axe
    1 = kalmia
    2 = slike
    3 = gecko
    4 = aconite
    5 = curare
    6 = use itch powder
    7 = vernalius
    8 = voyria
    9 = epteth
    Others as necessary.

  • Wow, I did not know that was a thing. Thanks.
  • Try using tables for the alias, and local variables.

    Local table = {
    c = "curare",
    k = "kalmia",

    local v1 = table[matches[2]]
    local v2 = table[matches[3]]
    local v3 = table[matches[4]]

    Send("stand/unwield blackjack/get dagger/get dagger/get dagger/juggle dagger dagger dagger/queue add eqbal throw dagger at "..targer.." "..v1.."/queue add eqbal throw dagger at "..target.." "..v2.."/queue add eqbal throw dagger at "..target.." "..v3) 

    At least, i think you can create local variables in an alias, but there may be a more efficient way.  I create functions for those types of things.

  • May be typos in there, as im on mobile, but you get the idea

  • Yea, I got it, I just have no clue how to use tables yet, lol. I have made a script (??) that has the above in it, so I can go straight to it once I learn more.
  • Putting that in the script section for your alias, replacing target with your target variable, and removing the etc. bit from the table should work. 

    Basically, a table (there are different types, btw) can be used to create a set of keys and values that you reference like a dictionary, where the key is the word and the value is the definition you want. So in my table, the key k returns the value kalmia,  and you just tell it where to find it. So table[k] is the same as "kalmia". Further, any time you do table[any thing here] if it matches a key in the table, it will return a value. 

    Im sure some of my nomenclature is technically incorrect, but thats how i think of it. The local bits above are just to let you create variables that only exist inside that alias, so you dont need unique names and such. 

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