Stuck on newbie task?

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Hi all, I'm looking for help on what to do with my character. I wasn't in a city for a portion of the newbie tasks, and I joined a city when I was supposed to meet Maire and Garesh (task 65). But before I escaped to the portals I went to Ashtan and joined. I used the portals afterward and was told by Dirax to come to Ashtan, but now they won't respond to me. Neither will Maire and Garesh at the Brass lantern, I've tried logging out, quitting my city and being reinducted to see if that reset the NPCs but nothing. Romeo suggested I issue myself but it's been a day and I can't seem to progress with my newbie tasks anymore and complete the quest. Should I just skip it? Will I still be able to join a House if I can't do the newbie tasks anymore? Someone else suggested to make a new character, but I already made a few friends on this character and the blademaster sword name I received is something I really like.


  • Try going to Great Rock. :smiley:

  • Try explaining the situation to someone who can manually induct you to the House you want to join. You can check with HELP HOUSE <short House name>. It won't solve the problem of not being able to complete the tasks but at least you'll be able to move on and get on with things.
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