What to do after not playing for ~10 RL years?

Hey guys, 

I haven't played Achaea for 8-10 years, but then around Thanksgiving, I heard someone talking about it again, so I logged in. Boy were things different. Shallam was gone, the Sentaari was disbanded, So many gods had died, including the one that Meara followed, Lord Oneiros. Most of her family was retired.  Everything is very different than in was in 2007/08! 

I've been trying to stay interested in playing, but honestly, what's a Sentaari pacifist supposed to do now?  She's been wallowing in the past, unable to move forward, and I'm not having fun anymore.  @Jayden and @Kalila  have kept her sort of interested in waking up each day, but there's got to be more.  Obviously PK or hunting is out of the question, i'm tired of quests, and seems there are few people who RP anymore. 



  • Retire. Start a new character. Stop being a fucking pacifist
  • I chose to start fresh when I came back around the same time. Figured it was best to forge a new future than try to live in the past.
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    There's hella RP to be found, but 90% of it seems to be focused in cities that don't really need/want pacifists. 

    If you want awesome RP, join Targ or Mhaldor and tough it out. Eleusis, Hashan and Ashtan are probably alright as long as you don't mind a little of OOC nonsense on city channels. 
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  • There's no OOC nonsense on Hashan's CT channel, and there hasn't been as long as I've been playing.
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  • Make a new character, start fresh, treat it like a new game. Did wonders for me, never told anyone my original character/s and never will. I don't -regret- anything I did with them, but all I need is someone from 12 years ago chewing me out for something I don't remember, or for something I did when I was 12.
  • Nothing wrong with being a pacifist if you want to be. Go into trades, enjoy the game as you enjoy it. Do you
  • Lol Pacifism. 

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  • There are a good number of pacifist options. Seafaring is a really fantastic run if you can avoid the pirates. Play the comm market, trade in rarities and oddities, just design things and try to change the world's fashion. If you're interested in the politics side of things, try to kick over a guild, or start some new facet of rp within an order.

    Performing for its own sake is always an option, or developing your own little thing to run around and do for your amusement. Start a clan about a concept, host your own contests to get others to make something to your liking. The possibilities really are endless if you care to look.

    My experience has been that there is a wealth of RP to be had, but you have to draw it out of people with some serious effort on your own. Sustaining it is no small or easy task.

    Mychar is currently involved in something that's pretty inactive, but I'm more than happy to toss you a line to it if it's your cup of tea. I have about two or three other initiatives on the backburner, but I'm not even certain those are going to come to be.
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