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Hi everyone!

I was looking to start up a new Achaea character and have several questions.

1.) In which cities and Houses outside Mhaldor would I be likely to find a good environment for mid to longform RP? I realize the standard in Achaea is shorter, lighter stuff with says and premade emotes - which for the record, I have nothing against - but my personal preference is for longer emotes with dialogue embedded in them - at least some of the time. Mhaldorian RP, again, isn't what I'm interested in, and particularly not for the sort of character I'm planning to play.

2.) Also, what Orders and Gods are active? Which cities are they attached to? Which incline the most toward mid to longform RP?

3.) Do races have a lot of in-game lore associated with them? Would it be possible to roleplay an asian atavian? Are mhuns meant to be of a particular ethnicity? Are there naming conventions for any of the various races or is it freeform fantasy? I realize it's likely fine to give your character whatever fantasy name you like, but I'd still like to know about any naming conventions in the lore.


  • I'll take a bite at 3.

    Some races have a lot of in-game lore, some don't. For example, dwarves have the Kongol Drak (dwarven nation) background, complete with clans and history. Atavians have Arcadian and Azatlan lore (the former is Greek-esque, the latter is Mesoamerican-esque).

    Tsol'aa have the whole elvish background, tied together with the tsol'teth and tsol'dasi. Mhuns have Moghedu to refer to (and there's the Guardians of Moghedu clan, as well). Trolls have Kasmarkin, while fairly recently Xoran got a bit more background with the Krenindala/dala'myrr storyline.

    Grook, rajamala, horkval, satyr/siren are markedly less represented in the lore side of things, which is a shame. Hopefully they get their focus!
  • Adding onto what @Mathilda said, there is a clan for Horkval and Siren, also, though I'm unsure of any other races.

    Omor Ceberek - Targossas

    got gud
  • Horkval have a good bit of history, if not well documented (which opens up some RP options for you - as no one can be all "OMG UR DOING IT RONG").    They were the troops that Lord Aegis used to defeat the Triumvarite

  • The thing about Horkval is that they are almost certainly going to be 100% mechanically terrible for whatever profession you happen to pick.
  • My character is a Satyr and I play a Samurai-ish Blademaster/Serpent. I think you would probably have better luck looking for individuals to engage with that kind of RP, rather than a specific city and stuff.

    As far as ethnicity and stuff goes, I don't think the races in the game really have an OOC equivalent.

    Active gods include Aegis, Artemis, Aurora, Deucalion, I think Lorielan might be active, Prospero, Sartan, and Twilight.

  • Bann said:

    Active gods include Aurora
    Too soon.

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  • Xaden said:
    Bann said:

    Active gods include Aurora
    Too soon.

    Oh my bad dawg.


  • KyrraKyrra Australia
    Atavians do have a racial clan but it's mostly dead. Only 1-2 people are around that can induct and can't really do anything else with it.
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  • Xaden said:
    Bann said:

    Active gods include Aurora
    Too soon.

    Has she gone?

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  • Sobriquet said:
    Xaden said:
    Bann said:

    Active gods include Aurora
    Too soon.

    Has she gone?
    Yeah :(
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    For 1) without harming any orgs feelings out there, I'll just say that for RP experiences you should be focusing on people to find that are of a similar mindset to yours, rather than hoping an org will supply it. All the orgs have some form of RPing players to them, albeit some more than others, it is up to you find what fits. Ask around and inquire of people in an org or city that seems appealing. Ask them about their ideals and goals. It should flow from there.

    2) activity has been answered but I would like to point out that even orders without an active god can still be impactful and/or immersive. Take Babel's. They havent had an active god in some time but they are still creating quite an impact on the world stage during events.

    3) Races in achaea are generally lite in RP compared to other IRE. You wont find org resistrictions, city identifiers, and racial hatreds as you will in others, and most just consider their race as a "set of stats". Some races have some good background lore to them...others are pretty vague and steeped in mystery. There are racial clans yeah...but they are mostly useless these days unless you want to find other supporters of your race akin to a fan club. If you really want to get into racial rp, i suggest researching one you like by seeking out the lore in game and where they come from.

    For racial apperance, just follow the basics listed in the help scroll, but even then...most really wont care how you long as it isnt something completely out there like 'milk of the gods flowing from breasts' (yes this happened).
  • Dwarves have pretty rich background, and a high clan.

    It doesn't do much these days, but stores a vast majority of culture.

    I like Dwarf RP.  It has interesting vibes with Targossian life, because Creation is GUD.
  • Cyrene and the Virtuosi tend to dig more longform/custom emotes. Not all the time but you can find a few of us around that like that sort of RP, and a lot of the Virtuosi tasks require that sort of RP.
  • I've had the impression that Mhaldor and Cyrene have the highest concentration of longform RPers. Do note I just only came back, though.
  • It's swings and roundabouts @Gwynrii really. Changes on a whim. Everywhere has some. And it really depends on how much you wanna try. I mean, I'm far from an RPer, but if someone approaches me with that I'll respond in kind.
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  • Aegoth said:
    Mhaldor has the best longform RP. Nobody longforms better than us, it's really great, let me tell you. The amount of longform that we do can't be beat by anybody. It's so huge, other people just can't compete. When they do, we just crush them, folks, crush them. It's sad.

    Hey, I heard Cyrene does long form better than Mhaldor.
  • *nukes Cyrene* Not anymore, Farrah. Not anymore
  • I don't think Aegoth understands the implications of 'longform rp'.

    Mhaldor has gotten away from that, though we do have some that are still interested.

    Longform rp is like 4 line long emotes instead of using 'say Farrah, why don't we dance? I'm sure you'd love it', for those that aren't aware.

  • JurixeJurixe Where you least expect it
    I only do longform RP if I feel the situation calls for it, or if it's a rare circumstance where splitting the say from the emote would look strange. In general, I don't like the examples of longform RP I've seen on the Aetolian forums (sorry, Aetolians) where a lot of things happens in a single emote, and often it involves forced reactions (telling other people they are thinking/feeling something, like 'You feel dizzy as Jurixe spins around rapidly.') I much prefer the generally shorter, faster style that seems to flow more organically and is more prevalent in Achaea, but that's just personal preference.

    Then again, it's not that I shun it altogether, I'm just rarely in situations that call for it these days. I find that longform RP feels most natural when it's tied to character development stories; since I mostly do glorified forms of paperwork now (which I enjoy, actually), there hasn't been much opportunity for it.
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  • I once played a game which required longform emotes - it was excruciating waiting for somebody to advance the conversation / action.

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  • AhmetAhmet Wherever I wanna be
    Agreeing with Prythe. People take too long to respond with 15 words. I wouldnt trust most of you with anything more than a single line per interaction.

    "Oh, sorry, forgot what time it was." > n/in/config tellsoff/daydream
    Huh. Neat.
  • I love doing long-form roleplay, though it so rarely happens for me.

    I also love playing typeracer.

    Maybe this is connected somehow? :D
  • Doubtful.

    With most people it is not the length of time it takes to type out the response that makes them slow, it's the amount of time they put into thinking up the actual response, and proofreading it, and second-thinking it, and so forth.
  • Targossas' religious scenes are usually longform (not counting prayers, which are dumb). Debates also tend to be word heavy. In general, though, longer scenes rely on finding people you mesh well with, rather than picking a faction, in my experience. 
  • I think @Asmodron is right that you can find people interested in that sort of roleplay almost anywhere, if you look. I do notice more people randomly doing custom emotes as part of their normal conversations in Cyrene, and definitely in the Virtuosi as @Aereidhna said. That being said, Cyrene also has some limitations because of its neutrality. You don't have that 'hook' like in other places to base a lot of roleplay around. Protecting nature or advancing creation or chaos or evil. So Cyrenian longform roleplay tends to be more personal, like performing, or related to things like racial or order membership. 
  • Yeah if I don't have a long form emote reply ready in 1 min I'm afk or playing 2 games at once. Turn based and longform work for me because I'll either idle out or not shut up since I type faster (or think less?) Than the others I RP with.
  • SkyeSkye The Duchess Bellatere
    I'm actually not a huge fan of the long form. I'll do it in smaller settings than public ones because I'm aware of the culture here and I'd either be holding up a bunch of people or the conversation would just move right along without me otherwise. Also my actual game time is really limited (and I'm Singaporean, haha) so, if I can do something in a pre-defined emote or 10 words I'd rather do that.

    Having said that, I started RPing on message boards, where the NRPG (novel RPG) format allowed you to formulate your responses at a more leisurely pace. Multi paragraph monstrosities of interacting with NPCs and what not could be drafted and re-read and re-written over a day or even a week depending on the GM's pacing, so I don't feel the same satisfaction trying to churn it out in 60 seconds. If I go back to logs I'd just wind up re-reading it and thinking I could've written it better and that annoys me even more.

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