Another bashing question...

So I've been hunting a depthswalker, and it seems okay.  2ish second reap is at least faster than that good old 4ish second warp (most of my hunting was pre traits).  However I don't have the lessons to fully trans terminus, in fact I am pretty far down the tree with only trusaad and tsuura (sp). 

With cfs being 11k per credit now I am thinking about getting the no brainer lessons, and that presents me with a new problem: stay depthswalker or go bard, as these are really the only two classes I can see Andrea being these days.

So with the following:
11str (race change from siren is not going to happen, and I need the con from race specialization)
L1 pendant

Where would I get the biggest bang for my buck? 


  • Makarios told me that DW bashing attacks scales with Shadowmancy so if you haven't yet, trans shadowmancy.
  • Shadowmancy is transed.  So basically what I'd end up with is trans shadow and terminus, with a touch of aeonics, vs trans swashbuckling and a decent chunk of harmonics.
  • I think you're going to struggle as Bard if you're not investing in Voicecraft at all. Tune accounts for a significant chunk of Bard's damage reduction (though I think may be relatively low, so you should be able to pick it up easily) and Aria adds an additional 10% to your maximum health (I think Aria is relatively high in Voicecraft, but I can't check that right now). Cantata is pretty significant offensively, as it allows you to completely ignore shield without sacrificing any damage (either from using balance or rage to remove shield), but you can live without it. Dwinnu is pretty nice for areas that have a heavy amount of entanglement (webbed or roped), but you may not benefit from it at all if you don't hunt any areas like that.

    Depending on how high you get in Harmonics, you may be missing out on key Harmonics (I'd say Anthem, Continuo and Hallelujah are the big ones for hunting, though things like Gigue and Wassail are nice too, plus Canticle if you're not bashing alone). I can't remember how severe the limitations on number of Harmonics are before Transcendent, but I suspect that if you're learning a "decent chunk" you shouldn't run into issues there.
  • Thanks for the info, I'll keep it all in mind while I make the choice. I'm just hoping which ever way I go the 11str won't be too big a handicap, offensive arties are just way out of my price range. I only have the soa because I got it ages ago when there were artie sales, and I only have the pendant because I once won gloves of harvesting from the wheel and traded them for it.
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