Achaea hiring paid coder

Iron Realms is looking to hire a part-time coder to work on Achaea. A successful candidate would have a love of MUDs (ours or others - either is fine), be enthusiastic and upbeat, and be proficient in C-like languages. We use a custom language with our Rapture engine, but if you can code in C-esque languages, you'll be fine. 

We're looking for someone who can put in a minimum of 25 hours/week, for $1500/month to start. This is a contract position, working remotely, and we don't care what timezone you're in or where you live. It's an ideal job for someone living somewhere with a low cost of living who wants the freedom to set their own hours and possibly even get a foothold in the games industry. We've had people from Iron Realms go onto positions like CTO at Harebrained Schemes (Shadowrun, Battletech) and Development Director at Popcap Games (Bejeweled, Plants vs. Zombies, Peggle, etc). 
As a coder on Achaea, you'll be working under the direction of its co-producers - Makarios and Nicola - and will be touching most aspects of the game. 
  • Proficient in C-derived languages.
  • Reliable. When you say you're going to do something, do it and finish it.
  • Self-starter. We only work with people who don't need to be micromanaged.
  • Love MUDs!
  • Team player.
How to apply:
Send an email to with the words Coder Position in the title. In the email include:
  • Your name and where you live (city + country). 
  • Your coding experience/level of expertise. Although most of our work is done in Rapture's custom language, we have a number of tools and systems that are built outside of Rapture (including our Nexus client). Tell us about the breadth of your coding experience, outside of just C-likes.
  • If you have code up on github (or anything else you think you should share with us) point us at it.
  • Your experience playing and/or working on MUDs.
  • Your employment and educational history.
  • Why you're excited about working on Achaea.
Hope to hear from you!
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