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  • At his fanciest, Kaden had these titles:

    Weaver of Discipline
    Aureate Avatar of Art
    Shield Commander
    Champion of Caer Witrin

    Along with:

    Rogue, ruffian, ne'er do well, bastard, and "You."
  • Lion of Arkios, Lord Knight Milabar Si'Talvance, Voice of the Sun

    If we included past titles, there'd be council and minister spots, never did a House since guild days
  • This thread made me think of this meme.
    Image result for khaleesi full name and title

  • Caliginous Warden of the Court of Shadows, the Gallant Shadowsinger Ehene Marsyas, the Celestial Curator, Cosmic Interpreter of the Great Krymenian Academy, a Warrior of Raia'dalam, Returner of Song, and Intercessor of the White Tower, Esquire

    Or, as some know me, Heener. I really went for as lengthy a title as I could.

  • Placed third in some games once, Kafziel ex-Savril
  • Sobriquet Storm, Obliterater of Santar

    Really, it was only once but none of my other achievements come close.. B)

    (Party): Mezghar says, "Stop."
  • Sir Daklore Le'Murzen-Sparrow, Shieldlord

    ... yeah, that about sums it up. I mean, I could interchange my knight title with my city title of Lord and it'd still be relatively the same.
    When Canada rules the world,
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  • TalamondTalamond Atop his throne of books
    Based on what I've been told...

    Homicidal Archivist, Disciple of Truth, Atavian Supremacist Talamond Averial, the Ivory "Cleric", Lay Caefir and General Purveyor of Shenanigans
  • As for mine

    That one crazy Atavian Minister Aralaya Averial, Disciple of Truth, scarer of novices, the Ribbon Queen

    Tecton-Today at 6:17 PM

    teehee b.u.t.t. pirates
  • Currently

    Shield Commander (House Ascendant), Vashnarian Commander (Cyrene MinWar) (shortened henceforth to simply 'Commander')
    Aspiring Knight (Soon to be, so assuming as such)
    Leader of the Van Helsing family (Grand Duke), leader of the Horkval (Overmind)
    Prosperian (Pauper)

    So uhh... I have no idea? If you tag on past leadership roles good friggen luck.

    Ambassador, Minister of Security, Minister of Development, Regent, Master in the Kharon and Head of Newcomers of the Kharon, Leader of the Black Lotus (Grand Guardian and Grand Father of the Temple), Order of Darkness

    Master of Combat in the Sentaari

    Leader of the Luminai (Eminent Master and Eminence Emeritus by extension), Lumarch, Minister of Security, Order of Light (Aarashi Kheyr/Shamshir)

    I guess if I had to choose one to encompass all the things I did/do I would pick

    The Nomadic Master, Sir Draqoom Van Helsing, Iron Commander (of the Horkval??)


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    Asmodron Dicondron

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  • OceanaOceana North Sea
    Sarathai said:
    Went and looked at all my titles. Came up with:

    Speaker of Eleusis, Huka Awha Sarathai El'Rian, the Huntsman, Ktahine Anachai, Watcher of Eleusis, Reaper of the Chaff, Soothsayer of the Heartwood Kin, Haidionic Seeker of the Fellowship of Explorers.

    I figure the explorers one would count as a title, since it's basically described as a rank when you get them ("You have ascended to a new rank in the Fellowship of Explorers!"). I would also need to add in whatever the old Druid House rank I had was, but I can't recall it right now. It was either HR5 or HR6 when the Renaissance hit (@Oceana, do you have a list anywhere of what the ranks were?).

    Rank      Title

    ----      -----

    1         a Green Thumb

    2         a Woodland Walker

    3         a Gatherer of Mistletoe

    4         an Earthfriend

    5         a Child of Gaia

    6         a Keeper of the Balance

    7         a Forestal Warrior

    8         Galadriel's Witness

    9         a Lupine Hunter

    10        an Archdruid

    11        a Tender of the Great Oak

    12        a Steward of the Dolmen

    13        a Keeper of the Sacred Grove

    14        an Oracle of the Ancient Circle

    15        a member of the Council of the Moon
  • Naoma Vorondil, the Little Butterfly, Naoma Vorondil, the Fierce Flutterby. Both were names given that just happened to stick! Ah well, at least it wasn't tubberfly.. Cookie (You have to know her ic to understand this one)
  • Only present positions held included:
    Viceroy Saeva Aristata, Dread Ecclesiarch of Transvital Corruption, Lady Mercantile, Treasurer and Minister of Trade, a Crimson Paragon, Legate of Truths and Sartai.

  • So.. a list of titles and positions/accomplishments that I can recall off the top of my head...

    Lung Daimyo Caelan Longshanks, Son of Galdrion and Halcyon

    Son of Gaia,
    War Prophet, 
    Harbinger of Desolation, 
    Taxiarch of Carnage, 
    Head of the War Collegium, 
    Eleusian Ranger, 
    Knot of the Underwood, 
    War Minister of Shallam, 
    Commander of the Royal Shallamese Guard,
    Destroyer of the Three Icons,
    Commander of the Angels of Reckoning, 
    Lead Striker of the Dawnstriders, 
    Shadow of the Dawnstrider House, 
    Emir of Shallam,
    Soldier of Shallam,
    Aide to the Ministers of Security and Chancellory of Shallam,
    High Combatant,
    Member of the Ivory Mark,
    Member of the Achaea Combat Council,
    Vashnarian Climber, 
    Elder of Achaea,
    Husband of Czanthria, founder of Cyrene,
    Slayer of Lord Taug, Belladona, Maim, and the Ur'Vampires Asztrik, Gerzson, and Tizane.
    the Merchant, Jeweller, Lottery-er?,  and Herald

  • JaydenJayden WA, USA
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    Page (knighthood, long way to go until Dame)
    Virtuosi Villanelle (Rank titles are mandatory until HR5)

    And that's about it, really. Nothing else of any note, and Woman Who Used To Do All Sorts Of Incredibly Stupid Things But Mostly Cut It Out is just too unwieldy.

    Well, we could add things like Soldier of Cyrene and Captain of the Arctic Angel if we wanted to get fancy, but since when am I known for creativity?
  • KenwayKenway San Francisco
    I think my favorite one I've had is still
    Armsman Kenway "Sleeping Beauty" Straidhan

    - Limb Counter - Fracture Relapsing -
    "Honestly, I just love that it counts limbs." - Mizik Corten
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