DWB "Combo" Queuing w/ Numpad

Decided to put together something quickly a bit ago to help with DWB combos. A lot of the inspiration for this came from @Cooper's old monk numpad setup.  Decided to share. Tests fine so far but if you find any issues or have ideas please let me know.

-First thing you'll want to do is go to keys to setup your flail and morningstar ID numbers. Both can be found in DWB Doublewhirl Queuing/Flails or Morningstar folder. 

-Also I use a sendAll() to clearqueue, set an alias to do the appropriate attack, and then queue the attack on the next eqbal. That being said the setalias [System]: stuff can get quite spammy. I recommend deleting this text as that is what I did to reduce spam. I'd also recommend having a set of aliases for retardation since these server side aliases have far too many actions to be effective in retardation.


-After setting up flail and morningstar IDs for yourself you can use * to have the next queue use your flails and / to have it use morningstars.

-So imagine a little man on your numpad. A lot of you will be familiar with this but for those that aren't I will explain quickly.
8 will be head, 5 is torso, 4 is left arm, 6 is right arm, 1 is left leg, and 3 is right leg. Pressing 9 will give you an untargeted doublewhirl.

-0 is used to queue an attack and . is used to clear the previous combo in the case you need to queue another one. 

-Example: 1, 3, 0 would queue up a doublewhirl <target> left leg right leg for the next eqbal.

-Expends can be queued as well. Either on the first or 2nd limb. To queue an expend you would simply hold Ctrl+press the key for the appropriate limb you'd like to expend momentum on. I don't believe you can expend to 2 limbs on the same doublewhirl however nothing has been setup to prevent you from queuing expend on both limbs. Ctrl+. can also be used to reset your current combo. I found this helpful since I had a tendency to hold down Ctrl a little too long after expending.

-Assault head and torso can be queued by pressing Alt+8 and Alt+5 respectively. These queue as soon as you press them and there is no need to press 0. Pressing 0 will just queue up your last doublewhirl. 

-Fracturing shield or rebounding is quite simple as well. 7 for fracture shield and ctrl+7 for fracture rebounding on your target. These are queued instantly as well so no need to hit 0.

-Pulp is queued with + and you can start up a skullcrush with Alt+"+". My skullcrush key pauses my svo so you'd want to make sure you use whatever function is appropriate to pause your curing system of choice.

-Lastly fury can be turned on with - and turned off with Ctrl+-.

-The alias I use does not direct your falcon to attack your opponent but that can easily be added if you wish to do so by editing the queue doublewhirl code.

Link: DWB Combo Queuing


  • @Kogan
    Err, the only thing that does is skullcrush, you sure you uploaded the right thing?

    Tecton-Today at 6:17 PM

    teehee b.u.t.t. pirates
  • Aralaya said:
    Err, the only thing that does is skullcrush, you sure you uploaded the right thing?
    Oops, I edited it quite a bit and it seems the last time I failed to click the folder at the top of the tree and accidentally clicked what I edited last. This should be everything. Sorry!

    Link: DWB Combo Queuing
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