Is it just me or does it seem a little meh?  I mean okay we cant do much to soft things but still even putting ornate and argent.  It only shows as an ornate rug. The desc doesn't even show anything about the colour as well.  Some of the other items are the same way I mean they look so meh compared to everything out there.<<If you want nice items it's just better to frame and frame any spend credits on it later.>>  Like to me it would honestly be better if the whole thing was OVERHAULED completely, switched back to the old way, or give us a NDS system that would actually be the best. Anyway just do something to it please!  Also thanks for fixing the bugs for it that we had.

Sorry for ranting.


  • Good points...I haven't taken up furnishing yet because of these things I've heard. I really enjoy tailoring and jewellery since the designs can be so unique.

  • Furnishing is one of the big things that's being fixed at the moment. 3 of the recent announce news posts in a row (4714, 4715, and 4716) were all furnishing improvements.
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