Basic Ship Motion

So I'm assuming most people who are experienced sailors either have something far better or scoff at the idea of this, but I made a simple set of keys to help with controlling a ship. Using the numpad you can turn the ship with the numpad acting like a compass. 5 does a full stop for the ship. + sets the sails to full - disables sales and * starts the rowers. It's pretty crude at the moment and I'm working on adding more fine control to the sails (10% increments) as I've found that to be useful personally. Another limitation is the lack of an ability to do nne,ssw,etc. but I'm not quite sure how to implement those. If anyone can think of ways to improve it please do so and share it here!

Link where you can get it:

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  • ah this is mudlet. you can look at one of my thread. 'valaria's thread' on how to do nne, ssw thing. that code may be useful to you. but it is in javascript however im sure you can try convert it to lua.

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  • There's been a couple threads about this recently. The suggestion to use ctrl and alt as modifiers to shift nnw, wnw etc.

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  • @Xaden @Valaria thanks! I'll do some experimenting

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