[Mudlet] Some random things you may not have known

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So, I'm creating this so that people who are versed in Mudlet can share some of the tips and tricks that make scripting easier. These tips and tricks can be simple one-line deals or complex affairs.

You can add a false argument to send() and sendAll() functions to keep yourself from being spammed with your own commands.

send("hi", false)
sendAll("hi", "laugh", false)

If you're writing a script and you're not sure where a bug is, just put echo() at each step of the script.

  echo("\nStep 1")
  if variable == true then
    echo("\nstep 2 (true)")
    send("do stuff")
   echo("\nstep 2 (not true)")
   send("do other stuff")

I had a whole long list of these things, but something distracted me in game and I forgot the rest. If you have things to add, post!
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