Which Artefacts should I buy?

In the coming weeks (possibly days) I intend to make a large credit purchase. I plan on buying 1500 credits, a month of iron elite, this will also net me 19 mayan crowns.

If I'm able to sell all the crowns, I'll have between 2300-2400 credits to spend.

I'm definitely going to buy a set of eagle's wings for 800 credits, which leaves me about 1600 credits left. I want to get a set of artefacts that will give me benefit in both player combat and hunting. 

I'm a level 80 Horkval Claviger, with my Shaman spirits I sit at 17 constitution(4700 health) and without at 16 constitution(4460 health)

I've heard a shield of absorption is well worth it, would I be better investing those 800 credits into health arties or a sip ring? Or how should I spend these last 1600 credits to maximize my efficiency?

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  • Defense is always recommended first. Lvl 1 or even 2 belt. Health sip bonus. Bracelets (+x% mana and health). SoA. I'd say in that order, personally.
    Omor Ceberek - Targossas

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  • First, for hunting you should trans avoidance before any defensive artefacts, SoA is the best defence after that.

    Assuming you currently have inept avoidance and no bonus lessons remaining, that leaves you with ~500 credits, which I would probably spend on a bracelet and keep the rest to save up for a crit pendant.

    Or if you already have trans avoidance so you have ~800cr remaining, I'd get a level 1 bracelet and crit pendant, and save the rest for a con belt or L2 bracelet next. Getting L1 belt and bracelet and saving for a crit pendant next works too.
  • I forgot about crit pendant. Definitely worth a level2.
    Omor Ceberek - Targossas

    got gud
  • SoA (800)
    Trans Avoidance (idk.  Lessons.)
    Mayan Bracelet
    Con Belt

    Thos'll help out a ton.  I fuckin loveee my SoA
  • I should've specified, I'm already Trans Avoidance. So it looks like I'll pick up a SoA and then probably belt+bracelet and then save for the crit pendant.

    Thank you guys

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