New York, March, 20-25th



  • It's a walk but not a bad one
  • Lololo

  • Did.. Did you take a photo of your phone with another phone?
  • Of course I miss this  :'(
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    Good times. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy weeks to meet up!
  • time for 5 hours of sleep
  • Aegoth said:
    time for 5 hours of sleep
    Yup. Seems I got important shopping to do tomorrow at a place even new yorkers have never heard about. :D
  • Was a lot of fun. Glad I got to meet you all. Wish we could do it again soon. 
  • Lots of fun, despite 4 hours of driving and 4 hours of sleep.  

    So glad that after almost... 20?? years of playing together on the same side(s), I finally got to meet @Rangor .  Got to meet the a-hole that murdered me on the Clouds FOR NO REASON EVER..  and an Ordermate @Morthif.  Never got to play much with @Ruth but she was cool AF.  

    Good times were had, and @Aegoth doesn't afraid of nothing.  Not even @Sartan (he said Sartan was a chump and he was going to wafflestomp his ass right after he proved he was better by changing his suffix... Not sure if like.. I mean, he said it so....)

  • oh my god I didn't say that, are you trying to get me murdered!?
  • I heard him. Poor @Sartan
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    Aegoth said:
    oh my god I didn't say that, are you trying to get me murdered!?
    Hhhhwwhhaaaa?  Meeee?

    Plus, I'm pretty sure you took care of that one yourself (see also:  Aegoth, Motherfucker)

  • AchillesAchilles Los Angeles
    Aegoth sure sounds afraid here.

  • Oops, my bad yo!

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