Runewarden falcons

Just changed class to Runewarden and am training up my falcon. Assuming I have him training full time, how long should it take to max out his stats?

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  • You're right, I haven't actually trained a falcon since then so I forgot.
  • It seems to be hit and miss so far. I have had him training for an hour or so and seen results, but have left him training overnight and seen little or no change.

    Maybe it's coded so that I can send him to training and leave him there, but he'll only train to a certain point before I have to recall and send him off again? This would force some interaction with it instead of "train and forget".

    Anyhow, will play around with it some more. Thanks for the answers!

  • I did indeed log out, and this explains what I am seeing. Good to know. Thanks again

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