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Artefact Upgrades and Tradein Question

FflamFflam Member Posts: 9
Okay, this should be my last stupid thing.

I bought L1 Knuckles in Delos, and then I used the ARTEFACT KNUCKLES UPGRADE command to bump them to L2. I now have brass knuckles. 

When I do that ARTEFACT KNUCKLES VALUE or ARTEFACT KNUCKLES TRADEIN commands, it tells me they're only worth 266 credits, despite paying 800 in total.

I think that it may just be the upgrade I'm trading in, and then I'll have L1 knuckles again, but if I'm wrong and I dump the whole artefact for 266 credits I'm out 266 credits.

Does anyone have any experience with upgrades and trade ins and the like? I'm waiting for a reply to a self issue and I sent an email, but if I'm dumb I can just delete it and move on with my life.


  • AhmetAhmet Wherever I wanna beMember Posts: 3,370 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    edited January 2017
    It's a bug. Your knuckles should trade in for 533ish credits, and it will trade in the knuckles fully. It happens from time to time, and someone will likely fix it when they come across the issue.

    Unless something's changed, that is.
    Huh. Neat.
  • MakariosMakarios Administrator Posts: 1,871 Achaean staff
    Something had changed, this is now resolved.
  • KresslackKresslack Florida, United StatesMember Posts: 6,305 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    edited January 2017
    Makarios said:
    Something had changed, this is now resolved.
    Figured I'd ask here instead of creating a new thread, but with the recent Artefact Discount Sale, if I have a Lvl 1 Pendant would the upgrade to Lvl 2 be automatically discounted by 40% or could that be arranged?

  • KryptonKrypton shi-KhurenaMember Posts: 2,377 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    From the first artefact discount sale, they said a discounted upgrade could not be arranged (people wanted to upgrade Logosian bracelets).

    Discount only on new purchases.
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  • KresslackKresslack Florida, United StatesMember Posts: 6,305 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    That's pretty disappointing, to be honest.

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