• Antonius said:
    Aesgar said:
    Sarathai said:
    There is no Order for Lupus, just a pre-order clan.

    It's an empty godrole at present, so until a new god player fills it, it's unlikely to have much happen.

    @Zaeden I was told this about.. seven months ago when I decided I want to become an Aegean. I suppose I got exceptionally lucky with the timing, but don't let it deter you.

    My gut tells me that Babel or Lupus are the next god roles to be filled, now that we have Sartan and Twilight back. But I could be entirely wrong, it's just a hunch.
    Unless it's changed, they don't assign specific God roles to Celani when they're ready to take one on, so there's no concept of any particular role being "next" to be filled. If the next volunteer decides they want to play Babel or Lupus, they'll be next. Otherwise they won't.
    That was sort of my point, I never said that they did. Hence why I specified that I could be entirely wrong.  :p

    Like I said, that's just my guess. When I think of the more prominent God roles that aren't filled, Phaestus, Ourania, Babel, and Lupus come to mind.
  • Kris got reset? Wtf? I had a Lupus one :( not cool
  • KyrraKyrra Australia
    Yeah, in the event when all the master shrines got destroyed, it cut off the connection to the Divine. Attempting to use any shrine powers resulted in a message that They couldn't hear you. Makes sense that the attunement to a kris would fail too.
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