The 80-100 Push. A Bashing Guide



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    I'll be sure to not share my bashing knowledge with others so they can utilize their time more efficiently.

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  • KenwayKenway San Francisco

    I'd like to bash more efficiently but I find myself dying to things most people describe as level-appropriate despite my being a 2h Runie (I really never hunt ever I've just been playing for like 6 years at this point and it's about fuckin' time I got dragon)

    Halp me?? 

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  • Kenway, I would take a look at this link and experiment with the areas. As a serpent, basically anything in the lvl 40-60 range was quite doable up to level 90. After level 90, I artied up and I have been experimenting with different islands in the 60-80 range. When I was hunting regularly, I have a large stash of profithyst and my ire membership up to 20%, but due to a job switch I had to slow down my spending+game time.

    Northern areas and islands tend to be the least hunted. Also islands will give you an exp bonus for hunting on them. If you have patience, clockwork is beautiful for hunting.

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    I think you should really add Mog into your route as a main area. If you've ever played a grindy MMO (Lineage, Ragnarok Online, D3 season speed-leveling), you'll know that while clear time and mob xp is important, the xp vs. clear time investment is overall not going to be massively different between similarly difficult areas, so then travel time/downtime is what really stacks up. You're going to be doing the same loop X times to get to level Y, it's about getting X loops done faster. If every hour of bashing you spend 10 minutes total moving between areas and even between rooms, then every 6 hours you could have gotten a free hour of bashing - you wouldn't truly be 100% efficient so it's probably not this extreme, but over the long haul of many hours getting to Dragon a 5-10 minute difference per hour will add up. With that in mind: abuse the fuck out of raido :D

    Mog/Dun density is high so there's almost no downtime - you'll constantly be gaining XP for a longer period of time while hunting. They still gave me a bit over 0.1% at 86 (with 5% elite bonus), which means ~10 Mhun = 1%. Even if a clear of sparrow's nest gives me 2.5%, in the time I walk there, then walk somewhere else, I could be cleaning through a whole bunch more Mhun because they're literally 1 room away from each other. The XP for these small areas will drop after the first clear too because you don't have as much cached 'alive for a long time' xp, and Mhun will die faster and faster as crits increase, so difference in clear time will additionally decrease. If I were to do it again I'd probably loop in Arcadia as a backup for Dun, but I'd time your XP/hour including travel time between there and Mog.

    My highest XP/hr loop on mainland was normally raido near Mog (or a good central starting point) Mog  --> raido out because it's a long walk from the basement floor up, redraw raido --> Tir (if open) --> Cyclops --> Dun Fortress--> raido because Dun is far --> Nomads/Taryen/Ursu (clear until you know Mog's popping)--> raido to  Mog --> Tir --> Tomacula --> Dun, etc. Substitute a different smaller area for Tomacula/Cyclops/Nomads/etc. every time you run through so you hit all the cached XP bonuses, or if you have to fight for mob pops. You only need enough on-the-way filler to ensure the next high density area is popping, or if someone else bumps you out of your loop. Raido liberally to save time.

    On Meropis, it's nice because the areas are all high density and super close together, so I went Ulysander --> alligators down to Battlesite (time it for night) --> droaghal/ogres --> mirror caves --> Ulysander. Sirocco fortress footsoldiers/archers are in close proximity, but felt significantly tankier than Uylsander mobs (averaged 20+seconds each with Uly < 15s) and drain a lot more WP because they make you bleed. Most areas in Mero are small spaces that loop back to the entrance so I usually just raido'd by shipwrecks to go home faster. Battlesite is primo because they're beautifully packed and only as hard as sirocco footies for a lot more XP.
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    My route from 80-91 in no particular order.

    Top 3 levels of Creville Asylum. (Fantastic gold)
    Aalen Forest
    Lower Level of Azdun Dungeon
    Village of Qurnok
    The Barony of Dun Valley
    The Swamps
    Hriddan Settlement
    Istar Jungle
    The Vents
    Isaia (if you're super careful)

    Places I cannot seem to tank without a partner as a 17dex/4600 HP serpent: Meropis & Moghedu. 

  • I've been doing the graveyard/mysia/mog route since my early 80s, and only recently threw tir /tenwat into it and I can constantly bash from 11 pm (cst us) to 6-7 am without break if I  want,  even with others around.

    I know during my mid 80s when I had drama draped around me like flies I just lived on mysia and got 2-4 levels fairly quickly and while I waited on respawn I'd work on my other stuff, then do the circle again.   Also,  as far as I remember, upper azdun is still decent (.1-2%) at 86 (this was before changes for hunting)

    I know this sounds weird perhaps but the AREAS command they have now is great.   I've literally been using it just to try out different areas,  check out the difficulty vs % gain,  and add it in my loop it's on mainland.

    Also if you have a ship or anyone with a ship, just park it on an island, and ship return there before sleep.   After sleep,  wake up go kill the island then token to mainland. 

    Good luck on thy hunting, I'm still looking at 10 days to get to 99 if I keep pace
  • I spent a lot of time in my 80s doing Arcadia. The different tiers have different levels of difficulty so just feel it out for what you can and can't do.

  • I dunno if constantly talking about gold drops, in a thread that is about experience gains, would be considered helpful.
  • Lol giant gold dick. 
  • Image result for goldmember
    Just me?
         He is a coward who has to bring two friends as backup to jump people hunting.

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    Cooper said:
    At least I'm being helpful instead of being an asshole :)
    I do believe this is a -bashing guide- not a gold guide, though. Gold gain/hr is not representative of exp/hr. (obviously)

    Sirocco is super easy, and good gain on exp, easy to loop, and in the middle of two other bash zones.

    But measuring exp/hr like you said is pretty unreliable.

    Pre-Dragon you're not going to be making great gold anyway. (Unless artied, of course)
  • @Kenway you suck. Tir Murann > Annwyn > Istarion ONLY. Max your output
  • Kenway is squishy as fuck. Pretty sure none of those places are going to be maximising his output considering how often he would have to stop and heal up.
  • KenwayKenway San Francisco
    Hey I finally got my health over 4500 don't hate. Even if you did kill me in like three dsls the other day.

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  • Kenway said:
    Hey I finally got my health over 4500 don't hate. Even if you did kill me in like three dsls the other day.
    Doing better than me!
  • Currently, as a level 84 (artied) sentinel:
    - mirror caves
    - dun fortress
    - moghedu (still a lot of running)
    - qurnok (breezing through it really)

    I have 140 credits lying around. I could spend 600k gold to get to 200 and get myself a L1 crit pendant, not sure if the L1 is worth trying though. Currently, the crit-stats are roughly like this:

    WORLD-SHATTERING CRITICAL: 0.017755681818182% - 1/5632
    CRITICAL: 15.092329545455% - 850/5632
    CRUSHING CRITICAL: 3.5511363636364% - 200/5632
    OBLITERATING CRITICAL: 0.60369318181818% - 34/5632
    ANNIHILATINGLY POWERFUL CRITICAL: 0.12428977272727% - 7/5632

    The L1 pendant ups the chance of a crit with 2%, but also on a bigger crit with 2%. That doesn't sound like a whole lot, but given the figures above it does look significant to me. Any thoughts?

  • Level 1 pendant is worth it
  • If you plan on doing a lot of bashing, definitely get a crit pendant.
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  • At level 84 (without any crit bonuses), your expected crit rate should be:
    Total: 20.5379%
    Critical: 16.3198%
    Crushing: 3.3518%
    Obliterating: 0.6884%
    Annihilating: 0.1414%
    World-shattering: 0.0365%

    With a level 1 crit pendant, that becomes:
    Total: 22.5379%
    Critical: 17.4583%
    Crushing: 3.9347%
    Obliterating: 0.8868%
    Annihilating: 0.1999%
    World-shattering: 0.0582%

    Maybe not a huge difference now, but still significant, and the benefits will increase a lot at higher levels.
  • You pay 200 credits and receive a fire pendant.

    Thanks for the advice! :)
  • KenwayKenway San Francisco
    Paging @Sena  
    Thinking of grabbing a l1 pendant at 86 with human bonus is it still worth it more worth it less worth it? 
    I just wanna get dragon :(

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  • The higher your crit rate, the more effective any crit bonuses will be. So lucky, human, a higher level, alchemist/depthswalker bonuses, etc. will make a crit pendant more worth it.
  • KenwayKenway San Francisco
    Coamenel said:
    You pay 200 credits and receive a fire pendant.

    Thanks for the advice! :)

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    "Honestly, I just love that it counts limbs." - Mizik Corten
  • Lots of people underestimate it. 

    The pendant increases the chances of getting a critical hit, yes, but that means that it also increases the probability of getting the higher crits. This means that the pendant also increases the average damage of those critical hits. 

    Since critical hits are a percentile modifier to your DPS,  a little tweak to your crit rate can have a fairly large effect on your hunting.
  • Kenway said:
    Oh my god the amount that the pendant helps is kinda staggering. If anyone reading is on the fence and wants help hunting. Get the damn thing.
    This ^^
  • Level 85 runie checking in. I really like Mysia and I'm about to start poking around in Annwyn during the day time. Podcasts are great to hunt to and this is one of my favorites:
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