Accurate Monk Limbcounter?

Anyone have an accurate monk limb counter? Will pay.

[ SnB PvP Guide | Link ]

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  • Talk to karai when I was monk she helped me out. 
    Cooper said:
    This is one of the worst forms of special snowflake RP I've ever seen. Thanks for going to another city to do it!
  • I'm looking for something really substantial though, on the level of Antonius' knight limbcounter

    [ SnB PvP Guide | Link ]

    [ Runewarden Sparring Videos | Link ]
  • Here's a link to where I tried calculating it out, and I think @Karai's numbers are based on what I gave her, based on this. This is after the big monk change, but I don't know if its changed a lot since then, so I can't guarantee that its correct. I think it is, though.

    By "correct" here, I'm not meaning exact, but I got it fairly close. I could be persuaded to do some more figuring if someone filled out more blanks in the excel sheet.
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