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Hey all, I'm coming back after a long break, but during that time I've always thought fondly on the adventures I had in Sapience and I felt myself continually itching to get back in. Anyway, I've come back and don't really know where to start, and the people I knew are no longer around. I'm a serpent and really loved studying combat under the careful hand of Cahin and Antidas (those cats still around?), but I ended up having to stop my progression before I really unlocked the secrets of combat. I don't know if this is an unusual request, but I'm looking for someone to train under and a community to be a part of. What's the quickest way to find this? I'm decently artied and willing to invest time. 

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  • JurixeJurixe Where you least expect it
    Welcome back, Vaim. I don't play that much these days, but good to see you return. Ailea's first point is perhaps the most important: what do you want your character to fight for? From there your choices will be easier.

    Hope you have fun.
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  • Welcome back! I'm still around, although I haven't seen Cahin in ages (RIP). I'm not in Mhaldor anymore, though - moved over to Targossas (the new Good(TM) city) shortly after Shallam got blown up. Will keep an eye out for you IC though, we can chat!

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    Thanks for the welcome and advice guys! It does me heart good to see some old faces. I'll reach out IC, Antidas. I still remember the assassination we carried out during the Occultist play in Delos with a massive grin. All under the iron leadership of Jurixe. 
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