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  • AmanuAmanu Forge Tree
    Friday would be good for me. 

  • @Minifie I'm up for it, but i haven't played D&D in like 15 years so I'll need some hand holding
  • I'd love to play. Not sure what hours I can do yet tho
  • I'm still out of work, so I can participate pretty openly.

  • I'm game to play, but I don't want to run a game!
  • Yesss @Minifie . I have been playing Pathfinder on and off with some friends, but never played 3.5 before. It will be great to start playing online with you peeps :)
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  • Minifie said:
    @Jukilian @tahquil @valkyn @Accipiter @mindshell @sarathai @Gamoneterik @skye and other aussies (some I know like to keep it on the low!)

    happy to teach and DM for our hours, as well as those elsewhere if interest is there.
    I'm not sure how I missed this, @Minifie, right now my sleep schedule has got me somewhat like an Aussie. I've got a good familiarity with 3.5, 4E, Pathfinder, White Wolf products, the Serenity RPG, Iron Kingdoms, and lots of others. 

  • I run a campaign on roll 20 on Friday nights. You guys need a DM? I run 5e games.
  • I would be cool with that @Jor if you don't mind someone that has never played D&D before, I know a lot of people don't like new players. I could do any evening really from 7p.m. PST till whenever
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    I should update this: For anyone interested, I'm happy to do this on my friday nights at 8pm AEST (+10GMT), or any weeknight at 6pm AEST. 

    For the Americans/Europeans who are interested but need to learn or would like guidance: Leave me your times in a message or here and I'll try and organise a time and day that suits the most people the best!

    Please note: I'm doing 5th ed first, if people want to scale down to previous editions I'd love to, but learning is easiest in the current edition for information finding and for being able to co-ordinate rulesets!

    Also going to roll through roll20 again and figure out all the little nuances and tools. I'll get a discord channel rolling if I have to monitor different groups though, and a single spot for all questions and information.

    another edit: Any questions my skype is steelethelegend (rawr!) and I am sikbirb on discord. 
  • I am interested Mini, no idea what roll20 is but weeknights are find for me.
  • https://roll20.net/

    For setting up games online, makes it easier when playing not locally at a single table :P
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    Don't you need a person's #tag to add 'em on Discord? 

    ETA: Or you can make a server and post the link and people can filter in, iirc.
  • Anedhel said:
    Don't you need a person's #tag to add 'em on Discord? 

    ETA: Or you can make a server and post the link and people can filter in, iirc.
    I have NFI. I assume so but I had to weed out the people who need to be completely babied by giving them their first quest!
  • Yeah, you need the four-digit tag to add people on Discord, I just checked :P 
  • Join my discord server if you're interested in playing in a Friday night game, Elsam.

  • AmanuAmanu Forge Tree
    I'd play but 3.5 is my addiction. :D

  • I need a nerd to play SAGA with, on Fridays, GMT 1500! 
  • Saga??

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    This thing!
  • Anedhel said:
    This thing!
    Interesting...but can I be a Sith?

  • We are down a couple people for one-shot at 6p.m. pst this evening if anyone is up for it
  • It is on Fantasy Grounds btw, not r20
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