Cure Show

I have always found the AFFLICTION SHOW system to be quite helpful. I was thinking something along similar lines for curatives could be very helpful to newbies (and us veterans still trying to remember the herb/mineral conversion).


Curative:            Kola or Quartz
Effect:                Allows you to awaken from sleep immediately, at will.
Defense:            You are feeling extremely energetic.
Message:           An instant feeling of excitement and edginess overcomes you.

Cure list would give you a general overview of your curative stores. The key future here is it includes what you don't have to make restocking easier, unlike IR HERB/MINERAL. Another way to go about this could be to add IR HERB/MINERAL ALL to show what you have, and what you don't have. Just an idea!


Curative                   Rift

Ash                          [ 2332]
Bayberry                   [       0]
Bellwort                    [      82]
Bloodroot                 [    120]
Cohosh                    [     820]


Antimony              [      0]
Argentum             [ 2000]
Arsenic                 [   100]
Aurum                  [   336]


  • So just make the ones w 0 show up? You can already do IR HERBS. But yeah showing 0 would be nice. maybe make it configurable for people who dont like the idea..

    And I agree shop logs would be nice.

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