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RP, role, city and such



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    In most cases, it simply wont.

    That's why these populations tend to stay small.
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    I read the op and wanted to note that there is always room in Hashan for any kind of research rp, whether it be all sciency and technical or mystical and mysterious.

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    Dyirsa said:
    So, yes, to preface, I'm one of those dirty RPers. Surprise, surprise. Currently I'm juggling two characters (with a potential third) but alting isn't really my thing, so I'm trying to find my niche in one. And thus I come to the forums for advice.

    I have a fairly well fleshed-out personality and notivation for Dyirsa as a Hashani Depthswalker, but I worry that it doesn't mesh well with the egalitarian, scientific bent I'm finding. On the other hand, Mhaldor seems a viable option because of the depth of roleplay, but I struggle to justify a Mhaldorian Depthswalker personally. My attachment to the class is both thematic and also it fulfilling my desire for three skills with non-PvP utility - I love Apostate, except Evileye is useless to me. Same problem with Occultist. Which brings me to the third option, going with Ashtan. I've definitely  considered going Savant, but I'd have to heavily alter my current direction of roleplay. I'm not totally opposed to that, but I'd prefer to either make my Krymenian work or, barring that, make Mhaldor work for me.

    If talking specifics about my Hashani's character traits is necessary, I will, but I'm trying to keep it under wraps if possible. OK, I'm rambling because I'm kinda drunk (nothing unusual there) so I'll stop. Any advice would be appreciated.
    You can try to imagine that every playable class in Mhaldor is basically a corrupted side of what's outside of Mhaldor. And while Mhaldor is where Evil congregates (officially, at least), not everyone who joins Mhaldor turns evil. Some find a greater calling elsewhere whereas some are crushed to the benefit of other characters. You do not have to justify a Mhaldorian Depthswalker (especially when the expected behaviour is explained in a scroll, but don't go by this info). You do have to justify what kind of change your character recognises, understands, accepts (or not) and adapts to (or not). Interaction with you will tell others what a Mhaldorian* is or is not. Or what a Depthswalker can be aside from prevailing views. Regarding skills, Necromancy is very much useless for me but I still use it in other ways. For instance, I tell others that my character is one-third Apostate so he has some religion or spirituality in him. Then there are analytical pursuits with vivisect. Disgusting because of unclean flesh and bad breath. Cruel, annoying and so on.

    *Or any other demographic, for that matter.

    As for numbers, it is natural for bigger things to start small. If you think small numbers are problem, imagine running from city to city, having little to no structure and then jumping en masse off a cliff to get your way. That's Mhaldor's history as briefly as I can put it. I could be wrong. Small numbers are not a problem if you have the drive to achieve. Plus, you have the freedom to realise your own vision (because less competition, and who would reject that advantage?) and get people involved.

    Now, my advice to you as roleplayer is, how you deal with each moment as it comes will give you a better past than anything you can establish for a starting point. My character has 200+ years under his belt and his story hasn't even begun yet. I wish you good luck!
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