Updated Vadi_Mapper

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I don't know how much demand there is for it currently in Achaea, but I played with Vadi_Mapper to get it up to a more usable state to help out two friends that use something other than Mudlet that want solid mapper functionality. I also went about making a few improvements:

- The mapper now works with apperception and whatever the dragon skill is that works similar.
- It works with Duanathar on Sapience, but for some reason it will sometimes walk to random rooms to Duanathar, rather than just using it at the first outdoor room it hits. (not familiar enough with the pathfinding to figure out why this is :/  )

I also got a version of the ILua module working, so you can write your own lua scripts that will work regardless of client.
- I modified it to work with gmcp, so you can send/receive gmcp(the sendgmcp stuff was already there)
- I have a luasocket dll packaged with it that lets you access the Achaea API for things like character info and eventlogs
- Includes an ILua script to access gmcp AB files via "gab <skillset>" and "gab <skillset> <skill>"
- Includes an ILua script to pull character information from the API via "th <charactername>"

Should be able to just dump this zip file somewhere and run the mudbot.exe, then connect via ip: port: 1234
If you're suspicious of running a pre-compiled version, the source is all there except for the source to some of the dependencies like luasocket(I can post those too if need be)


Edit: It also has a config option to prevent it from sending gmcp to the client you use, if you use a client that doesn't like gmcp. Note that this does NOT impact your ability to deal with GMCP via ilua.
Also, if anyone is trying to use this with Mudlet, you probably want to have MXP negotiation off, because something about the way mudbot handles it freaks Mudlet out sometimes.

Edit 2: Screenshot:

Also, since I whipped up the thonours thing super quick, it's using the simplest parts of luasocket, and it blocks(stops mudbot from doing other things) while downloading files, so probably don't use it to download 100 thonours all at once, or learn to use it in a non-blocking manner. I may improve this aspect of it later if people want(but this might involve getting lualanes or something similar put in place to allow async stuff).

Edit 3: Mentioned this elsewhere, but should probably mention here that ilua does NOT have access to the mapper's functions at this time. I might try to get that fixed eventually if there is interest, but that would take some work since I'd just be running off some code from Whyte's Ironmoon thing back in like, 2008. =/


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