Unknown Target Box

edited November 2016 in Tech Support
So, I'm playing. Then all of the sudden I target something. And this big gray box comes up in my GUI on the right side. No idea where it came from ,or how it got there (I like the limb targetting on it. I played with it and got it accurate, but thats asides the point)

Anyone know what it is or where it came from?



  • Yes, it appears to be from Austere's AK Opponent Tracking. It looks like it's apart of his GUI when you target something.
  • Not sure how you could accidentally install the AK aff tracker and then accidentally use it, but Jinara is right.

  • I've had AK for awhile. I've just -never- had that box come up before. I've adjusted my GUI to where it doesnt block anything now though. Thanks for the answers. My sanity can return now.
  • Should be a variable in the "Osettings!" Script to disable the shitbox. As always, scoreup () to update any changes without reloading.
  • Thanks. I actually moved my gui around to include that box. And made some changes for it to work accurately for me. Its awesome :)
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