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So, I'm a member of a clan with a long-dormant clan leader. I am in a leadership position, but am limited in what I can do due to privileges that I don't have. I'd like to add some positions for the influx of new members we've had lately, but I can't.

I'd like to post a message on the forums to the clan leader saying, basically, "hey, you still around somewhere? would you mind dropping in and doing X, Y, and Z for us as clan leader?"

1. Is this question appropriate for the forums in the first place, and if so,
2. Where's the best place to post it?


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  • Ok then...the player I'm looking for is Locor. Does not appear to have an account here.

    If anyone happens to know him and could pass the word along, I would appreciate it!

  • Hmm. I have a similar thing. I am the only person left who can induct into Lions. There is also a Clan House which could use some updates like a locking door.

    Never thought to try and reach out through these Forums.

    @Deonymus you around anywhere?

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