Mudlet freezes on profile load

Whenever I first start Mudlet up, and open a profile, it seems to work just fine initially. Connects to Achaea, shows the Achaea "splash screen" of text. Then it freezes. Can't interact at all with the client, and if you try clicking on it, it does the "pale window" thing when something isn't responding. If I have a character with svof on it, it can take close to half a minute before it unfreezes and gets back to work. If I use a profile that doesn't have svof but does have some other scripts and stuff, it'll freeze for maybe five to ten seconds.

The thing is, it's not a connection issue. I can reconnect just fine. And weirder, it's only the FIRST profile I open in that Mudlet session to freeze up. If I open up one svof profile, connect it, it freezes. I open up another svof profile, even if I close the first beforehand, it'll be just fine. Also, if I dual-boot into Ubuntu on the same exact hardware, that Mudlet works perfectly fine, even using the exact same profiles.

This wouldn't be a huge issue if I haven't had some crashing problems, rare but always in the middle of hunting, and I need to get back in ASAP. I've gotten into the habit of running two Mudlet processes, the second one preloaded and past the freezing point I can jump in if the first process crashes unexpectedly.

Anyone know what's going on, ideas to fix it, anything?
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