Nexus Mobile

Since Im not in a place I can use a computer for awhile Ive been trying nexus designs on my phone. Only issue I have is buttons open the keyboard. The whole point of buttons is to eliminate keyboard sucking up screen relistate for me. Anyone know of a setting to stop keyboard showing on button press?


  • @Zulah There isn't currently a setting for this, but I've let the Nexus dev team know and it's now on the list of things to add.
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    @Nicola thank you. Another thing that would be useful would be the ability to edit the compass command output. Maybe I want to change the L to QL or MAP rather than LOOK. maybe i want movement to use dash, gallop, evade or even change ship direction. Just a thought. 
  • I'll pass this along! As a side note, our feedback button might be the only one in the history of gaming that is actually actively monitored, so do feel free to send ideas and suggestions direct that way (it's not the normal blackhole of ideas).
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