Instant Remedies/Toxicology Scripts for Mudlet

What this alias does is automatically outrift the proper amount of minerals you need and transmutate it in your alembic. For example, typing "make 4 health" would outrift 4 realgar, plumbum, ferrum, and bisemutum and transmutate 4 health. For mending, it'd automatically outrift 4 aurum, 4 arsenic, and 8 antimony, so you don't have to worry about doubling up. One unit in the alembic (i.e. "make 1 health") is 50 sips in a vial, so 4 units will fully refill a vial.

Note: This is for minerals only. I'm not going to script herbs because herbal remedies suck and require stupid weirdo materials that nobody likes collecting. If you use herbs then too bad.

This alias will pour your alembic 4 times into the specified vial number, filling it to full, and refilling your rift from it automatically. Use this in conjunction with the first (i.e. "make 4 health" then "rift fill 123456")  to quickly refill your rift.

Note: These aliases assume that your server-side command separator is |. To set it, do CONFIG COMMANDSEPARATOR |. If you want to use another symbol to separate commands, change the | symbol in the line local sp = "|" to the symbol of your choice.

Toxicology coming in the next post.


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    This alias does the same thing as the first one for Remedies, but it's for toxicology. vmake # <venom> is the syntax. You have to make a minimum of 2 units, preferably 3 (as 150 is the max venoms a vial can hold.) You can use the same rift fill alias to fill your rift up. Again, this is for minerals only, so too bad for harvesters.
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