That time of year!

Been getting the itch to play tabletop roleplaying games again, so! 

Looking for two people who'd like to join a game of Dungeons and Dragons (we'll be using roll20, probably, to play on!). Starting time'd be Fridays, around 1300-1400 EST; if you're not familiar with tabletops in general, that's okay, at least one of our players is new anyways, so we can do a crash course on it! Always nice to see people pick up a new hobby. :)

If you're interested, let me know in PMs or in-game! Looking for at least two, but if there's more interest, we can work more in, no problem at all.

Hope to see a few of you soon! :O 


  • Wish I had the slot open. I've got tons of custom things I've already made in roll20 from maps to tokens
  • I don't know if the timing would work for me, but what edition are we talking about here?
  • Open to decide still, but I prefer running games in 3.5. Such a glorious mess of rules, it's fantabulous :D 
  • I've only played 3.5 once and it was, in fact, a hot mess.

    I might be interested, though.  Though, I have had a lot of experience with 4e, Saga edition (which has some great fantasy modules), and savage worlds...

    So.. maybe?
  • Wish I could commit to the time :( sadly... Life

  • Yeah, I know noon EST is tough on American people, blame it on the European we play with! 
  • I'm normally off Fridays but its hard to commit when 30% of the time I'm not

  • I get it! For the record, if you'd like to join up as an occasionally-around character, I can probably think up a way to work you in, don't feel pressured to give up entirely if you have some weeks when you can't play! 
  • I imagine must people start on a trial basis. :) 

  • Definitely have to make sure everyone's enjoying it before making it a permanent thing!
  • Let us know how it goes !
  • What GMT is that?
  • Jukilian said:
    What GMT is that?
    6 to 7 GMT
         He is a coward who has to bring two friends as backup to jump people hunting.

  • Is that in GMT+0? So 0600 GMT+0, 0700 GMT+0? :anguished:
  • No no, 18:00 to 19:00 GMT+0.
         He is a coward who has to bring two friends as backup to jump people hunting.

  • Oh ok. Need specifics for timezone conversion. :anguished:

    So 4 or 5am Friday night/Saturday morning.
  • What in the hell timezone are you in? :O

    1300 EST is 1700 GMT (+4)!
  • never played but definitely want to :(
  • Let's do it :O

    I'll teach you, no problem! (Two of the others are already new to it, so!)
  • Why is this not on Saturdays?

  • Anedhel's person has grown-up things to do on Saturday :D
  • What kind of duration you looking at per session? I'm already up past midnight on a Friday playing Pathfinder
  • Would play but I work Mon-Fri

  • 3-4 hours, probably, depending on the scene! I try not to let them run too long, though, so probably closer to three, most times. 
  • Totally found me some nerds and made characters today. It took ages because someone kept slipping puns past most people, and then there were the nuts rolls that'll make the game super amusing (for me).

    Ah, I missed thee, dungeons and dragons.
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