Allow a 3-tier system by which Eagle Wings and Atavian Wings grant flying

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I just wanted to suggest a 3-tier system by which Ring of Flying grants flying and is lvl 1, Eagle Wings grant flying and are lvl 2 and Atavian wings grant flying, Eagle wings and the extra exits and are lvl 3.

Considering the credit prices of these three artefacts (400/800/2000) they are normal for a 3-tier system except for the Atavian wings' cost progression. The reason I think the 3-tier combination would work is because it's kinda weird how the Eagle Wings and Atavian Wings can fly so high but can't take the user flying. The implementation of the three items as 3-tier would allow people to progress from one from the others, which as I recall is already done Eagle Wings to Atavian Wings but probably wouldn't hurt as 3-tier.

Thank you for reading my Idea.


  • They function differently, though. Ring of Flying lets you fly. Wings essentially teleport you to an exit hub. That they both are related to flight (and require being outdoors) is irrelevant.

    Imagine if eagle wings or atavian wings were instead magical compasses which, when the passphrase is spoken whilst they were wielded (or worn, if they were compass pendants), took you to a magical hub of exits instead of 'the skies'. Even if the outdoors-only restriction were still place, there would be absolutely no justification for the ring and these compasses to be in the same artefact line. No other artefact line changes in actual use so drastically from one level to another as this would.
  • If you want wings to allow you to FLY, add the power to them instead of buying the ring. Otherwise, as Tydas already said, this makes no real sense.
  • It makes sense from an in-world perspective. But I don't think they want to get rid of 400 Cr worth of artefacts, which putting the ring in the progression would do (buy ring and Eagle today, 1200 Cr; buy them per the idea, 800 Cr). IRE wants a big list of things for us to buy and it very rarely takes thing off that list.
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    More that Wings and the Ring are two very different--and very powerful--capabilities from a mechanical standpoint. Wings that both gave you the power of flight (useful for countering ABC combat scenarios) -and- magical teleportation (useful for countering XYZ combat scenarios) would make it an extremely powerful artefact at a very low price. They'd have to raise the price significantly...which would pretty much work out the same as you just buying the Ring and putting the power on your Wings.

    I understand and agree to that it seems counter-intuitive because the Wings artefact are "wings", though. I personally have never liked the theme of Wings, and would have preferred if it was a generic wand of portals or Tydas' magical compass.
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  • Can it be the world warping flute from super mario bros 3?
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