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Im currently a con-spec Bm(16con) as I'm only level 57 for hunting purposes. I read that con is a good way to go due to tankiness and hunting but my question is, is strength blademaster viable? I'd probably be a glass cannon since bms don't seem to have many defences other than ringmail and shindo. I'm not too far into shindo yet so I'm not sure how much of a advantage it brings. Is str Bm more of a late game thing where id be getting con + str artifacts to bump my damage up? Right now I'm trans twoarts, feet in striking, shin trance in shindo and clotting in survival. Also was wondering if anyone had an updated Bm counter or how I might start my own?


  • KenwayKenway San Francisco
    Would want to just add strength rather than sacrifice con for it. BM is prep based with an instakill finisher so strength isn't as key for it. They do hurt like crazy with enough strength and a band tho.

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