A little GMCP on Mudlet help please

I am coming back to Achaea after... 4? Maybe 5 years away (save the random reading of messages and posts).  Basically everything changed, so I would like to adapt.

Right now, I am working on curing.  I need to know the best way to implement gmcp into curing.  I am trying to script an event to handle the gmcp.Char.Afflictions.Add event change.  But right now I can't even get it to CECHO the change.  This is what I have thus far.

Script Name: affliction_add_to_queue
Registered Event Handlers: gmcp.Char.Afflictions.Add

what = gmcp.Char.Afflictions.Add.name

afflicted_by = {}

table.insert(afflicted_by, what)

cecho("<red> AFFLICTED: " ..what)


I've tried changing it to JUST the CECHO, and then changing the event handler to "Char.Affl...", "gmcp... Add[2]".. and all combinations.   Nothing echoes.  I know it is bound to be something stupid, but wtf am I doing wrong?   Any help would be appreciated.


  • OK.. so now it is changing, but it isn't echoing (tracking what changes, but not outputting the actual echo.)

    I literally only have the echo in there

    cecho("<red> AFFLICTED: " ..gmcp.Char.Afflictions.Add.name)

    If I deactivate and reactivate the script, it has the new affliction in there, but isn't echoing

  • OK duh.. didn't have a function named the same as the script. I knew it would be dumb

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