Infernal, transfer credits, artefacts, and you/me!

Transferring in from Lusternia with 5122 credits immediately available, as well as Iron Elite. My long-term goal is PK effectiveness, and I'd like to bash for as much gold/credits as possible, so those are the main considerations. DwB, infernal. Any help is appreciated, things are a little different than what I'm used to here, and with my limited knowledge I'd probably make a bunch of mistakes that I'd rather avoid.

Everyone has been quite helpful so far, so thanks.

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  • Dual blunt has pretty decent bashing. Morningstars will be used pretty often. Speed is king after all.

    Artie for strength, trait for strength, and spec for strength is the general rule of thumb for Knights who are going into PK.

    I think artifact armour with embrasure for an aeneous paragon is a pretty good defensive choice for knights as well (though... preferably after you get all your con/sip rings).
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    I find flails to be a more effective purchase for DWB in combat. Morningstars are what you use for Pulp, but I find the speed/damage difference of artefact morningstars to be negligible; it doesn't really open up any new doors. Artefact flails, on the other hand, see a big increase in damage, and thus can mangle-lock players with more health, which is a big deal. You'll hunt with morningstars, but I don't think weapon damage (the small boost artefacts offer, anyway) has enough of effect on bashing to be worth buying the artefacts. Artefact flails and forged 'stars is good in my book, unless you just have enough credits lying around to get both.

    Strength is your most important stat for combat, ups your damage and your Assault, specifically. The above bashing advice is solid. Agree that the new aeneous paragon is great for DWB, since you can't wield Shields of Absorption, but it is expensive.
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  • Aegoth said:
    if you are focusing on bashing first, get a lv 3 crit pendant, lv 2 con belt, lv 2 bracelet, lv 2 sip ring
    Just to double check, that's Stygian pendant, Girdle of the Titans, Ceylonese bracelet, and Ceylonese ring?
  • yessir
  • Hi. Please don't purchase what you were advised to. It's a very inefficient use of credits and misses some very important artefacts. 

    Give me a few minutes to post some suggestions. 

  • @Cooper thanks for your input. I may have been a little overeager and gone with Aegoth's suggestions immediately, but that's okay, this is good direction for what to save up for next. I do have 1241 credits left that I could use for skills/wings/spec change though.
  • What skills do you have at trans right now? 

  • I have weaponmastery trans, chivalry 56%, survival 50%, necromancy 45%. My thinking was that I would bash up credits for lessons to take advantage of the 2.5 bonus on binding.
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