MKO Refugee - Blademaster Questions

Hello, another Midkemia refugee (was Roma, War Troll there) with questions.

Looking to setup for PvE then participate in PvP later on (once I butcher three systems into something usable).

Am a Troll Blademaster, I have my named sword, ringmail armor and trans'd the skills I can at this point.

Questions are:
1. what defenses do I need up for PvE and in general?
2. what herbs, salves, potions etc do I need at a minimum?
3. what other equipment should I get at this stage?
4. what utility artefacts would help? (I have -quite a few- credits but holding off using them until I get a better handle on things, so building a purchase plan for now)
5. what PvE artefacts would help?
6. what specialisation would be better for PvE (or most important stats)?
7. anything else I should know early on?



  • I don't know anything about Blademaster in particular, but I can answer some of those other questions.

    2) All of either herbs or minerals, and all elixers/salves. Each thing cures something different, and the ones that are shared have separate cooldowns, so when you get into PVP then you can use an herb to cure something, for example, and if you get afflicted with it again before your herb balance is back, you can use a salve to cure it then.

    3) Basic equipment needed is just armour and sword. Some Houses require you to have clothes different than the novice clothing, but nothing else is required.

    4) I'd recommend looking at other MKO refugee threads, honestly, it has been covered extensively. Short version, eagle wings, ring of flying, and most of the arties listed in HELP ARTEFACTS DEFENSIVE.

    5) PVE is all about how high your health is, and crits. So crit amulet, health/mana bracelets, Con boosting belt, sip rings.

    6) Con is most important for PVE.

    Omor Ceberek - Targossas

    got gud
  • Con is only 'important' to a certain degree. You'll hit a peak where you'll get a lot more effectiveness out of getting more damage. When it comes to BM in general, you can't go wrong with a band.

  • Cynlael said:
    You'll hit a peak where you'll get a lot more effectiveness out of getting more damage.
    While technically true, I'd say most of the game will never reach that point. There'll always be a better area that they could hunt more effectively if they had more health instead of the damage they'd get from not speccing for constitution.
  • You always want to stance before doing anything. Toughness, weathering are the only real defenses you 'need'. Other stuff is extra.

    You want a full set of curatives, ideally.

    Equipment wise you should be good to go at this point. If you want convenience arties, wings and con/regen/bracelets can't be understated. Crit pendant if you plan on bashing a ton. Sip ring.

    If you want to hit harder and faster, get a l2 band. This is 100% my first suggestion for a BM first artie.

    Constitution is what you want for BM. While you can reach a 'saturation' point like somwone mentioned, having 6700 health (I have l2 belt, bracelets, regen, lvl 101 and con spec) in BM just feels super tank outside of fighting dwb/magic damagers.

    Penwize has cowardly forfeited the challenge to mortal combat issued by Atalkez.
  • Antonius said:
    While technically true, I'd say most of the game will never reach that point. 
    He didn't state how many credits he has to work with, in fairness! Was just a general comment; health of course is always nice, especially fighting people.

  • It's Roma. I think the only limit he has is when he decides he doesn't want to spend anymore >.> ...

    Btw, Hi Roma(@Roatt) Welcome!
  • Yay Roma!

    Much love. I hope you find it comfortable here. Let me know if you need any help.
  • @Roatt  No advice to give as I'm new here as well, just wanted to give troll  <3 from Uhntis.
  • Thanks for the info @Omor @Cynlael @Antonius @Atalkez , all very helpful.

    And hello @Tolan @Asmodron & @Nolnor , the War Troll is reincarnated!
  • SzanthaxSzanthax San Diego

    There are many free systems available that are easy for you to edit and configure to your own needs depending on your skill level. :)

    Most of them show what defenses you need both class and otherwise  for PvP ... For love just go with basic class defenses :) (selfishness though you need)

    We have a great community here. We argue, fight, and bicker, we agree drink and meet... We are a large family and we need more friends :) 


  • Thanks @Szanthax

    Figuring out svof, looks comprehensive, and have a basher/miner/harvester etc system to port over, will keep me entertained for quite some time...
  • SzanthaxSzanthax San Diego
    svof is so simple even i can use... it... but... just barely...

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